Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


* I would love to do that "write me an in-character message" meme, but I don't have time to write them for anyone else and it seems selfish to ask if I'm not going to reciprocate. Maybe I'll try it in three months, when everyone has forgotten.

* I have been daydreaming a scenario where Momo and Kaidoh are in university and living together in a tiny, tiny room and they have no money. So Momo says they should film a homemade porn video to make some cash. They argue, etc. Sometimes there is an appearance by CamWielding!Inui. The title of the porno: Peaches and Cream.

* Possibly Morita would suggest something similar to Mayama. I think Mayama would consider it for about 20 seconds longer than Kaidoh, especially if he were hungry.

* If you are in a café with your iBook and the sun is shining at an awkward angle, go to System Preferences -> Universal Access -> Seeing and change the display to White on Black. Much easier to read.

* I'm only making this post to procrastinate on writing. I suck.
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