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You can call me Hal.

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You know you're out with an Atkins dieter when he won't look you in the eye because he's staring at your french fries.

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Some people seem to stay on them forever. I don't think I could deal.

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Depends on the diet, I'm thinking. Me, I'm doing South Beach, which means no fries/pancakes/pasta/POTATOES for me, though after the first two weeks I'm now able to eat whole grain stuff. First two weeks is hardcore suckage, but honestly, after that, it got easier. Not just that the diet got easier, but the resisting did too. I got a sandwich with unexpected fries this weekend, and let my mother eat them with only a small pang. I remember they taste good, but eh. I've got a shot at getting back into my skinny clothes!

There's two ways of looking at what happens when you reach the weight you want. 1: You go to phase 3 of the diet, and stay on it forever and ever amen. 2: You go off the diet, but with a new awareness that you're not sixteen anymore and can't eat everything you want, so you stay away from some things. 3: Screw it, I can always go on the diet again if I gain the weight back! I'm aiming for 2.

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That was the sarcastic one. So far as exercise goes, I've had and let lapse too many gym memberships to really believe that "this time I'll stick to it!" I'm trying to exercise, but it's a whole lot more realistic for me to commit to exercising caution with my food choices than to exercising itself.

Hee! So true. :3 I hope someone metaquotes you.

It's vastly amusing when it happens. :)

It's pretty funny, actually. :) Tonight it was the french fries. Sunday breakfast, he was eyeing my toast like it was Eliza Dushku.

It almost makes you long for the good old days when men looked at your breasts.


*nods sympathetically*

One of my best friends is an Atkins dieter. When she falls off the wagon, it's cake and chips in a big way. When she's on the wagon, I just don't order chips when I eat with her: I like to have her full attention...

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