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Slam Dunk Fic: The Personal Journal of Kogure Kiminobu, Entry for July 16, 1990 (MitKo)

Birthday fic #1. Basketball boys. And just because it bears repeating: Slam Dunk is king!

The Personal Journal of Kogure Kiminobu, Entry for July 16, 1990 by Halrloprillalar
Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, 540 words, PG13.
A day in the life.

Met Toudou-kun from the archery club, advised him about study habits.

"Kogure-senpai," Toudou said, and touched Kogure on the arm. They talked for a few minutes about trigonometry. Toudou looked up at Kogure, then down again, and Kogure wondered if Toudou was looking for guidance or if he wanted something more.

He'd been wondering that for a few weeks now.

Basketball practice went well.

"Watch it!" Akagi called.

Mitsui scowled and took another shot. Four missed threes in a row. He jostled Kogure as he went past.

"Mitsui," Kogure said. Mitsui turned and looked at him with narrowed eyes. Was Kogure bothering him somehow? Mitsui had been glaring at him for forty-five minutes.

Mitsui requested an extra practice session.

"Wait." Mitsui grabbed Kogure's elbow.

Kogure's heart thumped against his ribs. "Did you want something?"

Then they were up against the lockers, kissing hard, and the afternoon made a lot more sense, except for the part where they were kissing.

Worked with him for a while.

They shifted against each other, Mitsui pushed his leg between Kogure's thighs, Kogure sighed. He put one hand on Mitsui's hip, slid the other up his back. He told himself this was a bad idea. He swiped his tongue along the inside of Mitsui's cheek.

Mitsui made a harsh sound in the back of his throat. Kogure pressed closer, pushed his tongue further in, between Mitsui's teeth.

There was a gap.

But he seemed frustrated.

Mitsui pulled away, turned around, put his hand to his mouth. "Fuck," he said. "Fuck." It sounded strange without the bridge.

The Kogure reached for Mitsui's shoulder, but Mitsui stepped back. He punched a locker. "Fuck," he said again and ran out of the room.

Spent more time with Toudou-kun; he seems like a nice boy.

Kogure closed his eyes for a moment before leaving. When he met Toudou in the corridor, he was still breathing hard.

"Senpai," Toudou said when Kogure pulled him into an empty classroom.

Kogure told himself that this was a bad idea too and he moved back, started to leave. But Toudou stepped closer and smiled and when Kogure kissed him, Toudou kissed back.

But will likely not see much of him in the future.

Kogure was poking at his half-done homework when his mobile chimed.

Mail from Mitsui: I told that archery punk to stay away from you.

Kogure stared at the screen. He didn't need this, not now, not when he had school and basketball and everything.

He put down the phone and chewed on his pen.

Weather today stormy, with periods of sunshine.

Something hit Kogure's window, a sharp rap that made him jump. He turned to look, but his mobile chimed again.

Another message: I'm outside your house. Another pebble against the glass.

School and basketball and Mitsui blowing hot breath onto Kogure's neck, pushing with his hips, searching with his hands. Kissing like he can't help himself, like he's thirty seconds away from more.

Kogure touched his mouth.

A very bad idea.

He opened the window.

Tomorrow's forecast: more of the same.
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