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You can call me Hal.

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InuKai is love!
trinityhelix drew me some lovely InuKai for my birthday! Boykissing. Thank so much, flower!

And Kish wrote Ballroom Dancing for Dummies. (Not for me, but I can pretend. *g*) Kaidoh is just so yummy in this. And Inui is at his most adorkable.
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AHH!! *can randomly finish up something for you as well* It's pointless'y I think... I don't know. XD;;

I feel like writing some IK too -- maybe we should trade drabble prompts!

I've just lamely finished something for 101_kisses but if you want to trade, let's do! *is always willing to randomly write more*

Okay, your prompt is "zero". (Yeah, I'm watching Garo right now. *g*) Whatever that inspires!

Garo is so much love zomg... *dies*

Er... prompt for you is "library." *is randomly there during breaks between classes* ^_^;;

Okay! I shall begin the thinking process.

Re Garo: Kouga and Zero are both leather-bepanted jerks who should just make with the hatesex already and leave Kaoru to me someone who is worthy of her me. *g* I love her *so* *much*. She was on Kamen Rider Blade for a while too. I keep hoping she'll pop up in other toku as well.

*is almost done with yours* XDDD I am bored as you can tell. That and I'm procrastinating.

I need to watch episode 12. *ish behind*

Ack, I haven't started yet! I'm waiting for the muse. *g* It was ep 14 I just watched. I think I'm caught up for now.

(Deleted comment)
Oh my god, you are so cute!

Agh! I've missed your birthday too! I have no mind for dates. (plus I forget that LJ has a "Friends' Birthdays" function. *cough*)

So Happy Birthday! *hugs* And if you'd care to request something else, written specifically for you, I would be more than happy to oblige. *grins*

Oh, I didn't mean that to sound like I was hinting for fic! (D'oh!) The dancing story just hit the spot, so you shouldn't feel like you have to go to extra trouble on my account.

I will gladly accept the good wishes and hugs. :)

Don't worry, I didn't think you were hinting for fic! I just felt bad because I've been forgetting a lot of birthdays recently. XD It wouldn't be extra trouble, though, if you did want to request one. I write constantly, even through the night most of the time! So just poke me for a fic if you'd ever like one. ;)

*loves on you*

I never expect people to remember mine -- everyone's got too many to keep track of! I always just post on the day to say, hey, it's my birthday, and also post whatever fic I've written for the occasion. (I've always liked the hobbit tradition of giving gifts on your birthday.) LJ is being a butthead recently, so you might have missed my self-aggrandizing birthday post last week. *g*

But the opportunity to poke you for a fic is too good to resist, so if you happened to feel like you wanted to write something about Momo and Kaidoh and lime popsicles, I wouldn't complain. :)

*loves back*

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