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1. How do you ever decide what to post to LJ about? If I posted about 1/4 of the media I'm following, I wouldn't have time to watch or read anything. (Just started to d/l the Hajime no Ippo anime. It is love.)

2. kishmet wrote a MomoKai for me! With green popsicles! Read Only Half. Kish always does an awesome job with the boys.

3. Bunnie (dumbimps) drew an InuKai sketch inspired by my fic Symbols and Shortcuts. It makes me go mmmmmmmmmm.

4. Helen and I sort of started PIKL -- Promoting InuKai Love. Our manifesto is "Everyone should write more fics zomg!" I think that's about the extent of it so far. *g*

5. Bunnie drew an InuKai sketch for PIKL! More mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

6. I signed up for remixredux. mousapelli and marksykins seduced me by telling me I could be the Momo to their Golden Pair. Also, I was drugged.

Promoting InuKai Love

I'm not here to convince you to ship them if you don't or to write/draw them if you do. We do what the spirit moves us to. But I am here to ask you:

* If you write an InuKai story, please post it to inu_kai.

* If you draw some InuKai art, please post it to inu_kai.

* If you have some InuKai thoughts, please post them to inu_kai.

* If you make an InuKai AMV, please post it to inu_kai.

* If you compose and record an InuKai ballad, please post it to inu_kai.

I think you see where I'm going with this. :)
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