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You can call me Hal.

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I'll take your part when darkness comes.
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Johnny Cash with Fiona Apple

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(Deleted comment)
I think one of his CDs is coming out soon.. SonyBMG has been paying buskers to play Cash songs too.

Marketing, huh.

He really, really is. :)

thanks for the share, I love this song and I love his rendition of it.

Oh, that was beautiful. *sniffle*

Thanks :)

You're so welcome. :) It's one of my favourites.

*tugs on your sleeve* I'm in need of tech support. When I try to download, it says it's an invalid link and prompts me to copy+paste to get a valid link, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Have you encountered this problem with YSI before? I know I've seen other people mention it, but I'm not sure how to fix.

And this sounds very nice and I'd love to hear it. =D

Oh, nevermind. I clicked on the link directly from your page instead of opening in a new page, and now it works. Note to self!

...Is a very weird cover IM wee O. I just never felt that their voices melded; I guess I'm too big a fan of Roseanne.

I like the way their voices work -- they don't blend, but to me they suit very well.

I have to pay more attention to what tab I have open. Sorry for that temporarily inappropriate comment.

Ahem. Thanks for the cash!

Hee! But I think I know which scene you were referring to. Very hot indeed!

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