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You can call me Hal.

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Ain't there anyone here for love?
Another sub of the Prince of Tennis movie, this time in much better English. The group is Anime7. I didn't watch the whole thing through, since I'd seen it recently, but I jumped here and there to check it out. Still no sign of the Atobe short, but I have hope!

Torrent is here: http://tokyotosho.com/details.php?id=7954

In other news, I'm 12 episodes into Hajime no Ippo and enjoying it very much. (There are 76 episodes + OVAs.) It's a sports series, of course, about boxing. This is the first sports series I've followed that's not school-based. Ippo is in high school, but he's boxing at a gym, not for a school club.

Ippo is voiced by Kiyasu Kohei in that sweet little scratchy voice he has, like the one he uses for Aikawa, only much less hyper. Ippo has no friends, since he's shy and has to rush home every day to help his mother with the family business. He's picked on by bullies, to no one's surprise. But when he meets a pro boxer, Takamura, things start to turn around.

This is a pretty straightforward series, at least so far. Not a lot of complexity or depth. But it's very sweet and fun and I'm quite attached to Ippo.

I've also downloaded 68 volumes of the manga, though I don't know when I'll find time to read through it. That's not even all of it, either. It may even still be ongoing; I'm not quite sure.

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I downloaded it, too, in hopes of finding A) "From Atobe with Love," and B) better subs. XD I was satisfied on the latter, but not on the former. *sigh!*

o__O Is it good? Although 76 eps makes me go O__O...

I like Ippo a lot, but I'm a whore for any sports series. Here's where I'd put it on the list of things I've read/watched:

1. Slam Dunk
2. Prince of Tennis
3. H2
4. Eyeshield 21 -- manga, the anime is less good
5. Dear Boys
6. Hajime no Ippo
7. Whistle! (but more the manga than the anime)
8. Hungry Heart Wild Striker
9. Aoki Densetsu Shoot

Ace wo Nerae isn't on the list because it's shoujo, not shounen, but it's excellent as well and only 9 40 minute episodes. (It's the recent live action version.)

Couldn't resist when I saw Ippo
Re: manga ^^
Yup still isn't finished yet. Last I saw , Snoopycool was saying that it was 75 ++ and I'm not sure if there any unpublished one yet [ongoing] but I love Ippo and would never thought thought that I would love a manga about boxing ^^ but
I always giggle though at the innuendo of him and his obssession for Miyata and yet find it rather endearing that both share the same initials in english [or romaji]
Do read, if your reaction is the same as mine, once you started, you would find it hard to stop ^^

It's great to hear someone else knows Ippo! I'm not surprised that I liked it -- I really have a thing for sports series so I check out as many as I can.

I love how sweet Ippo is -- the exact opposite of how you would expect a boxer to be. Miyata is great -- I'm hoping to see more of his matches eventually. And the running joke about Ippo's, er, endownment slays me.

I'll get to the manga eventually, but I've got to start finishing up some of the stuff I've started first. I should make a to-do list for them all. *g*

There's a boxer-slash-pastry chef in Antique Bakery, and he's very sweet! Not a sports series, though.

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