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You can call me Hal.

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On Tezuka
tezuka tattoo
Inui makes Tezuka fight.

Oishi makes Tezuka relax.

Momoshiro makes Tezuka smile.

Fuji makes Tezuka confused.

Ryoma makes Tezuka burn.

Tell me something about Tezuka. Or Inui. Or anyone you like.

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Tezuka tries to just love Ryoma's tennis, even though it feels like stopping halfway up the Matterhorn.

Inui thinks he might love spreadsheets and charts a little too much.

(Deleted comment)
Is it slash? Cause I just *can't* read B&B slash.

Julien would be lost without Ricky but he's never had to find that out.

(Deleted comment)
Tezuka makes Oishi anxious.

Fuji makes Oishi anxious.

Taka-san makes Oishi anxious.

Inui makes Oishi anxious.

Eiji makes Oishi anxious.

Momoshiro makes Oishi anxious.

Kaidô makes Oishi anxious.

Echizen makes Oishi anxious.

Oishi thinks he might have an anxiety problem.

<3 bobrhyn Expand
Tezuka's tears cure cancer. Too bad he's never--

Er. Wait. >_>

Tezuka makes Oishi feel appreciated.

Eiji makes Inui feel unusually more sadistic.

Tezuka makes Dan feel shorter than usual, even than when he's around Akutsu-senpai.

Kaidou makes Echizen sick to his stomach. So does Inui's juice.

Coach Ryuuzaki wonders why she doesn't have a bigger role.

Atobe's hair product and fragrance lines will hit the shelves in May.

Late at night, Taka wonders if he's as valuable to the team as everyone else, but he won't give up tennis for the world. At least for another year.

Karupin has a small crush on Kaidou's finger.

Karupin has a small crush on Kaidou's finger.

Of course!

Tezuka makes Tezuka ponder.

Tennis makes Tezuka glorious!

Taka makes Fuji smile.

Eiji makes Fuji smile.

Oishi makes Fuji smile.

Tezuka makes Fuji smile.

Ryoma makes Fuji open his eyes smile.

Yuuta makes Fuji want to molest people.

Mizuki... who is Mizuki again?

Yuuta makes Fuji want to molest people.


Inui is reincarnated as the soul of one of those robots who struggle to be human and make everyone weep like kittens.

Inui's data is all about control. He knows that it is impossible to control everything but he still feels the need to try anyways.

Tezuka's tennis makes Ryoma want to sit up and watch until the sky falls down.

Playing Fuji is a lot like playing his father because the two of them don't want him to know where he stands against them. Instead, they find it much more amusing to see him struggle while they play around.

Ryoma finds it funny when people automatically assume Tezuka's a craddle-snatcher because they're dating. Tezuka finds it less amusing and learns the hard way that it's better to have his student ID on hand.

Sometimes, Oishi gets the insatiable urge to duct tape Horio's mouth shut. Then he feels guilty and lends Momo money to treats Horio and the freshman to burgers.

Yuuta sometimes wonder about Mizuki's hair and unusual choice of clothing. Then he accidentally walks in Mizuki in the bathroom and finds out that Mizuki's actually a thirty-five year old transvestite who has a weakness for young boys.

Just the fact that Fuji picks his own sushi over his father's professional, well-made ones makes Taka-san feels like giving up tennis would be worth it.

I love these! Esp Oishi and the duct tape. :)

(Deleted comment)
Fuji loves his brother.

The suffering of others makes Fuji happy.

The suffering of Fuji's tongue makes Fuji happy.

The joy of others makes Fuji happy.

The joy of Fuji makes Fuji happy.

Fuji is the Buddah-like Anti-Buddah.

Fuji is actually a guy. This one I did not know for roughly the first 30 episodes.

Fuji is actually a guy. This one I did not know for roughly the first 30 episodes.

Hee! I don't blame you.

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