Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Scam purporting to be from PanFandom.com

I've reported this to PayPal and also used the form on the PanFandom site, but I thought I'd post here as well. I got a message this morning, allegedly from the PanFandom.com site, which has been inactive for quite a while now, asking me to donate money to some random gmail address. It looks like it was actually sent from the site -- some security hole in Nuke, maybe? Here's the message:

To: hal@prillalar.com
Subject: [PanFandom.com]: help this kid in need!! please
From: support@panfandom.com
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 05:50:40 -0500
X-From: nobody@pure.gleem.com
X-Recipient: hal@prillalar.com

From: PanFandom.com

Hi, hows it going I recently recieved an email from a kid in
california who is practically going out on a limb to earn some
college money.  He works full-time just to pay the bills and to eat
he is 19 years old.. hes resorting to begging people for donations
online and to send it to him via paypal.. at first I was hesitant
but I emailed him and he contacted me right away.. this is not to
much to ask but if you would be willing to donate just a little to
him to his paypal account it would be greatly appreciated thank
you. His paypal id is posted below ......


- PanFandom.com Staff

You're receiving this email because you're a registered user of . 
We hope that this email didn't disturbed you and in some manner 
contributes to improve our services.

In conclusion, people suck.
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