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So, women can learn to pee standing up. Which would be really handy, but potentially messy, if you couldn't get a good stream going.

Luckily, there are also assistive devices. Some are disposable, some are not.

Urinelle - A paper cone you can use, then toss in the toilet. It looks to me like you'd have to drop your drawers to use it. There's a note on the site: The use of the Urinelle could feel strange at first.

Whizzy - A paper trough with handles. Looks to me like a drawer-dropper, but some of the testimonials indicate you could manage without. Not flushable.

PMate - A cardboard tube. Looks bulky to me. Possible re-usable for a few times.

Pee-Zee (NB: site is on Tripod) - Plastic tube thingy. It looks cool and seems like it would work okay without getting half-undressed first.

TravelMate - Another plastic tube thingy. This one is fairly small, so I imagine it might take a bit of practice to position it correctly. But you could definitely use it while clothed. They even make a travel kit where you can attach it to a tube and collection bag.

Freshette - Cup/tube thingy. It looks bulky compared to the Pee-Zee and TravelMate.

Have you ever tried one of these or something similar? It seems like a great idea to me, if you found the right one. I'd rather have something permanent, so I wouldn't have to keep buying them and throwing them away. The TravelMate appeals to me the most. Maybe I'll order one.

Dear Grandma, thank you for the cheque. I used it to buy a plastic tube so I can pee like a man! I got two, so I'm sending you one. Hope you enjoy it!
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