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I just finished watching the end of Monster. It was good, really, really good.

I loved the ending, though in a way, there was a place in episode 73 that I thought would also have made a good ending: Tenma walking alone through the streets of Ruhenheim, on his way to operate on Johan once again.

I think the high point for me was the meeting between Tenma and Runge. Runge's whole journey was to take him to that point. And he was so damn cool against Roberto.

The way all the information came out, little by little, worked very well, everyone drawn to their end in the town.

I liked the cyclical nature of the plot. But before the end, I wondered if that was going to be expressed through Wim, the child who has just witnessed the horrific massacre in his town, instead of through Johan a second time.

I loved all the characters so much, it's hard to pick anyone out. Suk, maybe. Martin.

And of course, Tenma...I wish Tenma were real and he were someone I knew.

I can't believe it's over.

In other news, I also finished watching Kamen Rider Blade. If anyone else has seen it, please send word so I can grab you by the lapels and get right in your face and explain in detail how Tachibana must push Mutski up against the wall right now. Otherwise, I'll shut up about it.
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