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You can call me Hal.

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V Day plus lacrosse ficlet
I hope a happy Valentine's Day was had by all who desired it. Big hugs to everyone!

Thank you, anonymous and neeteeus, for the LJ roses and wonderful messages! You both really made my day with your thoughtfulness. :)

Thank you, kormantic for the kick-ass Trailer Park Boys icons! I love them and you so much.

Thank you, everyone who commented on the Tezuka/Oishi fic. You make me smile and smile.

I apologize that there was no MitKo and that there were no new templates for the Drabble-Matic. There was just not time. The Drabble-Matic is now two years old and accounts for the bulk of my web traffic. I while away many the hour following referer links and reading the crazy drabbles people generate. :)

To end the day, a ficlet. It's, um, well, lacrosse boys. You may or may not recall the Prince of Tennis episode review where I proposed a spin-off series about three cute boys in the Seigaku stands (scroll until you see the picture). And then marksykins and mousapelli and I started writing comment fic about them here and there. Then there was one-line fic. And now this. Possibly, Marks and Mousapelli are writing an epic novel about Sato and Asakawa. I look forward to it. :)

ETA: mousapelli posted some Aim for the Sky! fic at almost the exact same time as I did, proving that I am not the only freak in Freakville. *g* Hers is better than mine: Hearts and Deflowers

Girlfriend by Halrloprillalar
Aim for the Sky! Tachiki/Misaki, PG13, 350 words.
In which Misaki is surprised and Tachiki is much as usual.

NB: Introducing Yukihiro Natsumi, the lacrosse team manager.

"I baked them myself." Natsumi pushes a cloth-wrapped bundle into Misaki's hands. "I hope you like them."

"Ah..." The cloth is bright pink with yellow hearts on it. "Thank you."

Natsumi looks down and smiles. "Um, see you at practice." The heavy door swings closed behind her. Misaki can hear her clunking down the steps.

"She likes you." Tachiki flicks a magazine page.

"She does?" Misaki slides down beside Tachiki. "Are you sure?"

Tachiki just looks at Misaki. Then he goes back to his dodgy magazine.

"What should I do?" Misaki isn't good around girls. "What if I turn her down and she gets upset and it's bad for the team? And Tsukada gets mad and you know what he's like when he's mad."

"Don't turn her down."


Tachiki lets the magazine fall open in his lap, a pair of breasts staring up at them. There's a suck mark on Tachiki's neck, just showing purple above his collar. Misaki's face gets hot, remembering.

"It's good to have a girlfriend," Tachiki says. He draws his finger across the page, across the picture of flesh. He circles one of the nipples slowly.

Misaki swallows. Tachiki is just trying to wind him up. "How would you know?"

"You think I don't have a girlfriend?" Tachiki flashes his teeth but it's not a smile. He swings over and straddles Misaki's legs. The magazine falls to the ground.

"Don't," Misaki says and Tachiki does, a darting kiss that knocks Misaki's head against the wall. "Bastard," Misaki says, but he leans into the next one, opens his mouth and reaches around to grab Tachiki's ass. "But I'm not your girlfriend."

Tachiki bites Misaki's lip. "I never said you were."

Misaki figures only half of what Tachiki ever says is true. But he doesn't know how to tell which half. He doesn't know if he should care.

It's easier just to kiss.

After practice, Misaki gives the cookies to Sato. He tells Natsumi they were delicious.

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I vote yes for the hockey guy! I was thinking about him today and wondering if it would be funny or just stupid for him to be a Canadian. (After all, hockey and lacrosse are our nationals sports.) I'm watching a soccer anime where a guy came from Brazil to play soccer in Japan, so anything's possible. :)

Misaki is a tricky one. I mean, he's definitely not Asakawa! But against Tachiki, no one can stand. Maybe he learns his wily ways from Tachiki.

(Deleted comment)
you guys are just trying to sneak Bruno Walton in here, aren't you?

It would be quality to have the little pet freshman be all crazy and lacking in self-preservation, so Tsukada is always yanking him back by the collar when he's like "OH YEA SAY IT TO MY FACE BITCH" to the big bad upperclassmen.

what year is Tsukada? 2nd like everyone else? I think we're writing him older, but it would make sense that you wouldn't start a club your senior year before you changed schools.

The first-year would be like one of those little dogs who will get into anyone's face, no matter how big they are. He'll be, like, Kachiro's size.

Tsukada is second-year, yes. But he's a little more driven than the rest of them. :) Because he loves lacrosse so much.

haha, yes! and he would have the girly haircut! Like Touya or Gakuto. The one that you should in theory grow out of by junior high.

I love that you know the answer to questions that we ask about the boys. and aaaaaaw, Tsukada! *loves him a little more* His love is deep and pervasive and true, and slightly less blinding that Asakawa's newfound sparkly lacrosse love.

but that doesn't mean he is any less inclined than Asakawa to sleep with his stick the night before a game.

If they didn't have school uniform, he would totally wear horrible outfits like Touya too.

I spent a week thinking the lacrosse scenario out before I posted, so I do have a lot of it worked out already. :) It's an exercise in typical shounen sports characters and scenarios. Which, if you've only followed Prince of Tennis, you've really never seen, since PoT is a crazy, crazy series.

The main characteristic of a shounen sports hero is that he loves his sport more than anything else. And developing that love of sport can redeem an otherwise reprehensible character.

So, Tsukada starts the club because he just can't not play lacrosse. Tachiki, even though he seems not to care, really must care deep down and when he finally works through whatever his problem is (I don't have the actual problem worked out), that care will start to show through, at least just a little.

And I'm being way too serious about this now. :) Resume crack!

LOL. I will be sure to mention Tsukada's total lack of fashion dealing. "The rest of the team wondered why they had never seen Tsukada in anything other than his jersey or his uniform for weeks.

after the first 'team bonding' Sunday, they knew for sure."

I don't have the actual problem worked out
I had sort of gathered that *g* but i was operating under the assumption that he had accidentally poked out some star player's eye with his stick during a finals game or something, and figured that whatever that made me insert implicitly in any given line would be totally compatible with what you come up with for real.

I was also relieved to find out today that Lacrosse is a spring sport! so them practicing during Valentine's Day and for the next few months = not weird at all.

y'know, i don't think one icon is going to cut it for this.

er, i just realized that the freshman has the bad fashion sense, not Tsukada. *headdesk*

well, they both can. Perhaps the freshmen is just imitating his beloved captain. "what do you mean red and pink don't go together?!"

Also, I don't mean for this to sound like there's some One True Canon I'm demanding you check against. In case I did sound like that. Because there isn't. Just write stuff. :)

Okay, I'm a freak.

lol! haha, i didn't feel that way at all, although i did feel a little bit bad abouit making decisions about it without asking you (Tachiki's position, the streaker), but that's because you put all the time into it before we came along, so you should for sure say if you see something differently.

PoT is the only one that I am involved heavily in, i know of the soccer one and the basketball one, but nothing in-depth.

*hugs you* of course you're a freak! that's why you're having fun with us! And also why you have fun writing about boys who are freaks for their sport.

Hee! Good, good. Actually, I figure that none of us are writing the Non-Existent Canon -- we are writing fanfic about the Non-Existent Canon and building up the canon by implication. So write whatever you like and don't worry about it. It's no fun else. :)

I had been assuming that in canon, Natsumi is Misaki's love interest, but it never really goes beyond some blushing conversations. But in fic, well. :) His ass, like everyone's, is Tachiki's.

*hugs* I'm glad we're all so crazy!

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