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You can call me Hal.

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If I lived there, I'd have to kill myself.
I was chatting with kestrelsan tonight and she told me about a customer at work who had an address on Pony Farm Drive. I had never heard such a cute address before. I don't think I could really bring myself to live there. What about you?

If I lived on Pony Farm Drive, I would:

Have special pink address labels made with prancing ponies on them.
Lobby to have the name changed to "Pony Farm Lane" because that's even cuter.
Open a real pony farm.
Open a slaughterhouse.
Become a serial killer.
Move to Broken Glass and Rusty Nails Boulevard.
Do nothing special. It's just an address.
Other, which I will explain at length.

There's a Pony Farm Drive in my town.

Have you longed to live there?

I used to live on a Klondike Road. In FLORIDA. What were they thinking?

Maybe they thought it would cool things down. :)

Move because if I have to live in cutesy name street, I'm moving to Columbia, MD where no one will make fun of my street name because theirs are all stupid too and mine will be the coolest of all being Ridermark Row.

Good 'ole 'Hobbits Glen'. Though if you want the nadir of Columbia place names, it's hard to beat 'Village of King's Contrivance'.

On the way to Manitouwadge, there's a 'Yellow Brick Rd'. It leads to one of the goldmines.



If I lived on Pony Farm Drive...

I would open a Pony Farm and populate it with beautiful pony boys and pony girls, bridled with the softest leather, stabled in the satiniest and velvetiest luxury, ridden hard and never, ever, ever put away wet.

Re: If I lived on Pony Farm Drive...

You win. (:

If I lived on Pony Farm Drive, I would use My Little Pony toys as garden decorations. There wouldn't be a single potted plant without a plastic, glittery pony next to it.

This frightens me.

That also would make it really weird when you tried to figure out your porn star name. It'd be like, Rover Pony Farm.

That's just disturbing.

If the lobby didn't work, I'd move to Megalong [no street-type indicator].

I think I'd find myself compelled to move back to Portland so I could find a place on Failing St.

That would be a depressing place to live. One over from Just Barely Passing Street, right?

*laugh* You are such a freak.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Ponies are cute (and so are pony boys) but...

Hee! That's cool.

It could be worse. It could be "Daisy Hill Puppy Farm Drive".

That at least would be a pop culture reference.

I used to live very close to the intersection of Noyes (pronounced "noise") and Payne. I always thought the corner of Noyes and Payne would be a great place to put a dentist's office.

I'd claim it's actually PoRny Farm Drive.

You could sneak out in the night and alter all the street signs.

I wouldn't move unless the other residents started in on the pink pony theme. At least it's all short words in something like Basic English, as opposed to "Wintry Snowcrystal Road" or similar McMansion Development coinages. And in some parts of the country, "pony" might make people think of "cow pony", not "my little".

You'd get pressure from your neighbours to decorate with pink ponies. Maybe there would even be a by-law.