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Life and BSG

I am rather skimmy with LJ at the moment due to RL stuff making me busy. But I have been Remixing, so that's all good. And hoping to get back to the tenipuri episode crack reviews this week.

On to BSG 2.19 - Lay Down Your Burdens part 1

* Oh Chief. I'm sorry you had to get fucked up like that but I'm glad I got to see it. I hope you pull out of it.

* The presidential debates were awesome. Who knew Baltar could be so in control of himself? And Roslin with her index cards and pencils. I cringed, though, at the waste, of the pencil especially. How many pencils do they have left?

* The "prayer doesn't work" priest totally rocked. He's like the spiritual counterpart of Doc Cottle.

* Kara. Unless next week's episode goes differently from how I think it will, there's Kara back on Caprica for the second season finale in a row. Does she symbolize the planet somehow? Does it speak of her inability to move on with her life?

* Watching Tigh watching Adama talk to Kara made me think of how alike they both are and how Adama needs to kind of coddle them both and how they more or less compete for his attention. But Kara has the charisma that Tigh doesn't and so she gets away with being a frack-up loser way better than Tigh does. (And I'm still shipping them.)

* I can't believe they went on that rescue mission and nobody mentioned the FUCKING BABY FACTORIES! Hello!

That aside, good episode, loved the threads, can't wait for next week.

Also, non-spoilery amusing Cylon pic.
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