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You can call me Hal.

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Prince of Tennis - Genius 304 raw
inui manga
Download Genius 304 (YSI, zip)

The hell? I'm not sure I can suspend my disbelief as far as 89-89.

However, they look like they are having so much goddamn fun with this game that they've probably both forgotten that Tezuka exists. I expect after Nationals, they will run away together.

So I gather that whoever can manage to get up and into a fighting pose before the count is over is going to win the match. And then someone will call an ambulance. Maybe.

I'm kind of torn. I'm enjoying the match, but I don't want it to be crack. The matches never used to be crack.

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I think Konomi-sensei has jumped the shark.

That's very possible. :)

And then someone will call an ambulance. Maybe.

And Tezuka will sit beside Ryoma holding his hand all the way to the emergency room, and they'll exchange wordless longing looks of mutual understanding and pride, and Atobe will laugh it off and be snarky (once he has recovered his breath) and pretend he doesn't care, but Ryoma and Tezuka will not notice because they will be too busy staring at each other, and it'll be just like old times!!! ♥_♥

I sort of really love that Konomi had the gall to literally let them play til they fell down. :)) That's kind of awesome.

Hee! I think it's more likely that the ambulance shows up and Ryoma refuses to get on and says that he's fine, he can play another set, just watch, and then Tezuka just *looks* at him and Ryoma says, "Che!" and lets them put him on the stretcher. Meanwhile, Kabaji gently picks up Atobe and carries him to the ambulance himself and refuses to get out and gives Tezuka and Ryoma this blank look that they're not sure how to interpret.

Then at the hospital, Atobe and Ryoma make out in a supply closet.

As far as the mechanics of defeat and being able to back down from the head-shaving idiocy, this is probably the most graceful ending we could hope for.

That's kind of sad, but better than I was afeared. And Atobe kicking ass is a happy thing.

But, Konomi, babe, you need to have a pacemaker installed in your plot.

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