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What if?

The only thing more fun than talking about Prince of Tennis on LJ is talking about Prince of Tennis in bed late at night. We discussed what would have happened if Ryoma had gone to one of the other schools instead of Seigaku.

Fudomine: We really weren't sure how this would work out. Fudomine is so much a cult of personality around Tachibana, coming from a shared experience, which of course Ryoma didn't share in. I think he would have been at odds with them for quite some time.

Hyotei: Ryoma gets to challenge and challenge and challenge as he works his way up through the ranks. Atobe is amused by him, but wary, as he needs to make sure Ryoma won't surpass him. This is the one I would most like to see.

St Rudolph: Mizuki is a control freak. Ryoma doesn't like to be controlled. Mizuki ends up humiliated and the tenor of the whole team changes. Yuuta is grouchy.

Yamabuki: Akutsu and Ryoma start a gang. Dan Taichi gets a pompadour.

Hanamura-sensei's School for Gifted Youngsters Jyosei Shonan: Ryoma's mutant powers manifest (he can remotely control any ball-like object) and he joins their team, fighting crime by night, playing tennis by day.

Rokkaku: Ryoma fits in completely, better even than at Seigaku. He and Kentarou become rivals and play each other every available minute of the day.

Rikkai: Ryoma doesn't make the Regulars.

That was as far as we got before the Boy hared off on his Year Two AU where Momo transfers to Fudomine and Kirihara transfers to Seigaku and becomes buchou. (He's obsesssed with this Kirihara-buchou thing.) We always end up arguing over this one. Because Kirihara-buchou? Come on!
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