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You can call me Hal.

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Cool stuff I have recently acquired
1. A new comfy recliner chair in my home office. I'm feeling more productive with writing already because I have such a great place to sit in my own space. And I've been reading more and generally relaxing.

2. A knitted coffee cup sleeve in Slytherin House colours. It's the cutest thing ever and it matches my scarf (which I was able to retrieve from the transit lost and found, if you recall that I had lost it).

3. A Remix story that's almost done. One more good session should do the trick.

4. A shamrock-shaped green-iced sugar cookie. Well, I used to have one. I should have bought two.

5. An album by the Agnostic Gospel Mountain Choir - Fighting & Onions. It's kind of "a ferocious combination of traditional blues, Appalachian folk, and ragged gospel" with a punk flavour. Yet another band I found through the CBC Radio 3 podcast.

Some tracks: Buried Them in Water & Table O' The Lord. You can buy the album from their site with PayPal.

I like having cool stuff. :)

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I just love the CBC podcast. It's by far my favorite one.

I've bought quite a few albums because of it. And I really like the format.

Oh, cool. I really like 'Table O' The Lord'. Will be looking these guys up!

CBC rocks.

Excellent! I think that's my favourite track.

Glad you got your scarf back. Have you been too squicked to wear it? (:

I'm so totally in favor of agnostic gospel. I'll take a listen later today.

Still want a photo of the comfy chair, preferably with you in it.

I had the scarf cleaned, so I've been fine with it. I'll try to put up some photos for private viewing over the weekend. :)

Yay for getting your scarf back! Especially if it's something that makes you happy (which I assume it does). =D

It does, very happy. :)

Interesting stuff! Thanks for introducing me to them.

Yeah, they're really different. Kind of dark. With banjos.

Great music, thanks. I was just visiting friends over the weekend and found out that one of my kid friends has taken up the banjo. I think he'd *love* this. Right up his alley.

They have such a different sound -- I love the whole album. I hope your friend enjoys it. So cool to think about kids learning the banjo.

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