Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Genius 305 raw

Download Genius 305 (YSI, zip)

This match was love from beginning to end. A bit cracktastic, but still love. Have we ever seen two people so happy to be playing against each other?

There's a translation of the part where Ryoma is lying on the ground thinking to himself here. It's touching and funny.

And of course Ryoma has enough energy left after the match to leap over the net and bring Atobe the clippers. (Did Momo slip those to him?) Oh, the smile on his face.

We don't even see Atobe's face after that, just his lovely locks falling to the ground.

All I can think of now is Kawachi. Kawachi and his many terrible wigs. :)

I admit I'm a bit taken aback by the anger I've seen from some people over this. Not that people are disappointed that Atobe lost and was shorn, but that they are seriously angry and say they hate Konomi. You know, hair grows back. And if you weren't expecting Ryoma to win, then you haven't been reading the manga very closely up until now.

And now, we wait and wait and wait for more. Perhaps we should use this time constructively to write Atobe/Ryoma make-out fic. Clipped heads feel nice.
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