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You can call me Hal.

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One-sentence fic & rec
I have sent in my Remix fic! To celebrate and to entertain myself for the rest of the day, I will write one-sentence fic for you.

Comment with characters and a prompt. Slash, het, or gen. Any fandom, anyone can request.

After you've done that, go and read storyteller's post-Genius 305 fic: Unforgettable. You'll be smiling for hours.

ETA: Breaking to go out for dinner. More when I return. :)

Yay Remix!

Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood. Charred.

"...and learn to bloody cook," Oliver said as the door banged shut, leaving Marcus staring at the burnt sausages and wondering where he'd gone wrong this time.

Oishi read item #27 -- when being seen with Atobe-sama, only the following brands of styling gel are acceptable -- and wondered why love had to be so complicated.

Excellent! I had to beg off this year, sadly. :/

I'm so pleased I don't have to panic. :)

Twins/Harry, chinese fortune cookies.

"A fortune cookie with 'you will soon find double happiness' inside is about the tackiest come on I've ever seen," Harry said as Fred licked his earlobe and George moved rather further down, "and I can't help but wonder what was in the one you gave to Ron."

(Deleted comment)
Skinner missed their weekly Go after Mulder's psychic powers made it impossible for him to play fair, but the mind-reading in the bedroom more than made up for it.

(Deleted comment)
hahaha this could be so fun.

Scully/Krycek - stockings.


"Are you sure this was Mulder's dying request?" Krycek said, fastening the stockings to his garter, and Scully's raised eyebrows were all the answer he needed.

Fuji/Inui, calculations.

Inui couldn't keep his brain from working -- estimating Fuji's current weight, evaluating his own performance, working out the likelihood that they would be discovered -- but what he most wanted to calculate were the odds that Fuji would agree to make out with him again.

Tezuka and Oishi, fishing.

Oishi loved these trips, the green of the woods, the freshness of the air, the time spent in quiet talk or silence; he just wished that Tezuka's libido wasn't so affected by whether or not the fish were biting.




"Just in front of Ann," Momo said, "to make her jealous," and finally got Kaidoh to agree, but he regretted it later when Kaidoh went off with Kamio.

With utmost faith in your abilities....

Jim/Blair (The Sentinel); butterfly bandages

Re: With utmost faith in your abilities....

"I'm gonna take away that bookstand if you don't stop reading while you cook," Jim said, reflecting, as Blair winced under the disinfectant and bandages, that it was a good thing only one of Blair's hands was out of commission.

SG-1, Jack/Sam, Chinese food.

"Chopsticks, a bottle opener, and a credit card," Jack said, passing a beer to Sam, "Don't you love it when it's my turn to cook?"

How fun, I'll play!

Honey and Clover.

Nomiya teaches Mayama a thing or two about life; interpret as you will.


Re: How fun, I'll play!

"A man knows when to back down," Nomiya said and got into the car, leaving Mayama standing in the street stripped to the waist, drunk off his head, and holding a live chicken.

*squee* I finished on Thursday. Do you feel all proud of yourself? :D

Inui/Tezuka, linear algebra. (UR PAIR!)

So very proud. :)

"Linear algebra had its beginnings in the study of vectors in Cartesian 2-space and 3-space," Inui said and Tezuka closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Inui's voice while blocking out the words, waiting for him to finish.

(Inui's dialogue from wikipedia)

aargh right journal this time

Eyeshield 21 = the warm and fuzzy football people, Shin and Mamori. And prompt, uh. Warm.

Re: aargh right journal this time

Mamori finally found Sena sitting under a tree, sleeping against Shin's chest, Shin's arm around his shoulders, and all she could manage to get out of her mouth was, "Thank you for keeping him warm."

Yay! so glad we're all done.

Sato/Asakawa, I only know how to make toast.

The prompt made me laugh and laugh.

"The secret is what you put on the toast," Asakawa says and Sato thinks that no amount of messing around in Asakawa's bedroom can make up for having to eat Asakawa's special natto and strawberry jam toast three meals in a row, but then Asakawa's toungue pokes out the corner of his mouth and runs over his bottom lip and now Sato can't eat fast enough.