Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

AftS fic: Pants (Sato/Asakawa)

Not based on a true story.

Pants by Halrloprillalar
Aim for the Sky! Sato/Asakawa, PG, 450 words.

"Can I borrow your dictionary?" Asakawa poked Sato in the ribs.

"It's in my bag." Sato tried to concentrate on his homework, which was difficult at the best of times, and nearly impossible when he was in Asakawa's bedroom on Asakawa's bed with Asakawa leaning on his shoulder half the time. "Did you find it?"

"Sato," Asakawa said, "what's this?"

It wasn't the kind of "what's this?" that means you've found something interesting but unusual. More like when you find a spider under your bed or a very old sandwich in the pocket of your winter uniform. Sato turned around to see.

It was a pair of pants. Sato blinked in case he was seeing things and it was really his old gym towel. It didn't help. "It's, um, a pair of pants."

"Are they your pants?" Asakawa had a look in his eye that Sato had only previously seen when they were doing shooting practice. A rather fierce look. Not so much a bedroom kind of look.

"No." Maybe this was one of Asakawa's crazy jokes. He thought the strangest things were funny. Sato always ended up laughing, but at Asakawa, not the joke.

"They're not my pants. So some other boy's pants are in your school bag." Asakawa shook the pants accusingly. "Cheater."

"I don't know whose those are!"

"You don't even know his name?" Asakawa dropped the pants and grabbed Sato's science homework.

"Hey!" But Asakawa was already scrawling Sato is a great big cheater across the top in black marker. Sato sighed and picked up the pants. Maybe there was a clue.

In fact, there was a label. A rather large label which read: If found, please return to Shiyouji Kazuhiro, with his address, phone number, and promise of a reward. It figured. "Asakawa, they're Kazuhiro's. He must have stuffed them in there on Thursday when we were trying to have the club picture taken."

"And he wanted to be naked but Tsukada said he had to keep his underwear on and stand in the back."

"And they got into an argument and Harada bit Kazuhiro on the arm." Sato threw the pants at Asakawa and they landed on his head. "See? Not my fault."

"Well, okay." Asakawa looked down at the science paper. "Um...you'll have to copy that again."

"So I'm not a big cheater?"

"No." Asakawa's cheeks turned pink. "Sorry."

"Okay, then." Sato got out a fresh sheet of paper.

"Still, it's suspicious. Why did he choose your bag?"

"Shut up, Asakawa," Sato said, and kissed him to make sure he would.

When Sato opened his bag in science class, he found a pair of Asakawa's pants.
Tags: aim for the sky!, fic
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