Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


* I feel guilty that I've thrown over Susan Ivanova for Kara Thrace. But not guilty enough to give Kara up.

* We've been re-watching Buffy S5 & S6 and, as always, I long for Giles and Anya to have an affair. They are just so sparky with each other.

* Anybody seen a torrent for the OVA raw yet?

* Did I miss anything cool at the tenipuri chat after I left? Did anybody diss me? *g* It was fun. But we didn't talk about Kaidoh enough!

* I'm kind of a bad IM chatter, though. In groups of more than about five I get almost dizzy from the scroll and can't follow the convo very well. I don't multitask between individual separate chats well either. My usual MO is to arrange to meet one or two people in advance and then talk only to them.

* Maybe I wouldn't have been so dizzy in the chat if I hadn't had two beers.

* We watched some MST3K shorts the other day and now I am plagued by a vision of Mr B Natural turning up in Koyuki's bedroom while he's practicing guitar.

* mousapelli, tell me when I can talk about that! Because it is soooooooo cool.

* Do not see the fnords.
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