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You can call me Hal.

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It's already the best day ever and it's only noon.
mousapelli made a website for Aim for the Sky! It's so official now! With fanfic and a character list and story summary and all. We're in position to be bigger than Harry Potter fandom any day now.

Remix stories are up! And just like last time, I have two awesome stories instead of one. Clearly, I must live right. :) Please go read and review.

Kitty Steps is a remix of Steps, a short Tezuka/Ryoma story. The remixed story is almost Tezuka/Karupin/Ryoma and it's so lovely and sensual. (And a lot less depressing!)

[Tezuka] has never held a cat before, and he isn't quite sure where to put his hands. At last he settles one lightly on the warm curve of the cat's back...

Best Laid is a remix of According To, an InuKai snippet. The remix is so rich and funny and full of stuff and did I mention funny? Inui is at his most adorkable and Kaidoh is so gruff and cute. And the allusions...oh, the allusions made my day. I'm not going to quote any bits because you should really just see everything in context.

Thank you so much, Anonymous Remix Authors! You are both awesome. :)

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*ROLLS AROUND ON THE FLOOR* ALL THREE OF YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MINDS. omg, every time I think I'm done and close the tab, I just have to go back and stare again. GANBATTE.

Does that mean you're going to write fic for us? *hopeful*

The website is really awesome! XD I can't wait to see as more characters get included in the fic. =D

They're all so craaaazy!


I really don't need another sports series. But.

This one doesn't take much of an investment since we made it all up and there's no canon to actually read or watch.

But it's exactly the kind of thing that makes me want to pull out the kind of cliches I see in SD fics all the time, and before you know it, I'd have an archive for your fake series!

I don't think we'd complain about that. :)

So hang on! What is a remix? Someone anonymously rewrites some of your stories, and you rewrite someone else's?

Yes, exactly. You say which fandoms you can write in and what you have stories in and you get assigned to somebody and someone gets assigned to you. musesfool has been running this Remix challenge for four years now. This is the second time I participated.

Did you remix any?? I just want to read yours :(

I did but we're not allowed to say what we wrote until next week. After the reveal, I'll post it here.

Awesome, I shall wait :D

Lmao! Just thought you might appreciate this;

I found Asakawa and Sato in the ova - not the recent one that just came out, but the mountain training one.


Sadly I don't think thats Misaki in there. =/

Oh so cute! I think Misaki must be somewhere angsting over the pressure from his father.

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