Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

OVA 1 - My Critical Review

Hee! So fun!

Does anybody know what Ryoma said about why he was back? That's pretty much the only thing I'm puzzled about. And Suwabe was so voicing the taxi driver.

Oh, Oishi. Oh, Tezuka. And it was SO strange to see Oishi playing Ryoma there instead of Tezuka. It just changes the dynamic so much. So much less significant. And Tezuka standing there watching them play for his love the Regular spot. Strange and a bit sad. I am trying not to be bitter over it.

And we should have seen more of Oishi and Eiji after that. Next time, hopefully.

Otherwise, this was love. I'm really not that critical of the anime because the quality has always been spotty. It was fun, it was more Prince of Tennis, George Lucas was not involved. What more can I ask?

Can't wait for the next episodes!
Tags: tenipuri
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