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You can call me Hal.

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So say we all.
tigh - what do you see?
Last night we re-watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. Damn. Of course I remembered that it was good, but I'd forgotten just how good.

It's so intense, so tightly paced, so many people hurting so much. The camerawork, the editing, the music. Starbuck. Characters over thirty.

And the fucking space battles. We just sat there, clutching cookies raised half-way to our mouths and stopped breathing.

I am still and always a Kara/Tigh shipper. And by "shipper" I mean, "one who desires them to maybe have fucked up sex with terrible consequences or maybe just the terrible consequences without the fucked up sex." From the moment she leaned over the upturned table and punched him, I knew it was meant to be.

I think so much of their antagonism stems from Adama. Adama collects frack-ups, he needs to have someone to help. Kara and Tigh are the big two and I think Tigh really resents the claim Kara has on Adama's time and attention. Kara less so, but since she effective has this power over Tigh because of his annoyance, she can't help but exploit it.

It was Tigh and Adama who had the best exchange in the whole show. As a missile is about to strike the Galactica:

Adama: Brace for impact, my friend.

Tigh: Haven't heard that for a while.

There were things I'd forgotten, like Adama beating Leoban to death. That he actually did that and came back covered in blood.

And there's a scene of Adama in his quarters eating noodles that parallels Lee's noodle-eating scene from this past season.

And there's more and more and more, but it would really be just me saying: Kara -- shiny! Chief -- shiny! Roslin -- shiny! Tigh -- shiny! Baltar -- shiny!

When it was over, we were exhausted. I thought: What if I were trying to re-watch Battlestar Galactica and Fullmetal Alchemist at the same time?

I think I'd die from the stress.

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::sigh:: So GOOD.

I long for a re-watch, but I'm hip-deep and vids and must therefore rewatch a lot of other shows instead. (: And then P. wants to do "Sports Night" again.

I am still amazed at how much I love Tigh. I think I'm just really not used to seeing a character like him onscreen. RL is full of Tighs, but TV isn't so much. He's just such a disaster, and yet somehow remains firmly in my not-a-woobie camp. I don't want to pet him, I just want to watch him in horror and sympathy. WTF is that about? But...::love::

The thing I admire most about this show is that it's constantly giving me reasons to hate all the characters, and I can't hate any of them. I just understand them better.

The thing I admire most about this show is that it's constantly giving me reasons to hate all the characters, and I can't hate any of them. I just understand them better.

Yes, exactly. It really speaks to the complexity of the characterization. They don't try to tell us what we should think of them, just let us form our own opinions.

And it doesn't underestimate our intelligence!

::hearts show::

i should finally watch Battlestar Galactica one of these days. we have it in the dvd rental store so it wouldn´t cost me a thing. and i could finally read fic.

I waited a long time for S2, and when it came, it was disappointing. The first few episodes weren't quite up to scratch, and then BANG GREATNESS THAT JUST KEPT GETTING BETTER AND BETTER.

The miniseries will suck you in.

You really, really, really should. Really. It's incredible.
S2 had a few clunkers, but I think even those eps were better than most of what you see on TV.

only season one has come out in spain, yet. i´ll check it out, anybody knows i cannot resist another tv-show, i have this weakness.

Make sure you have the miniseries and watch that first. The S1 DVDs here included it as the first disc.

hell yes. to all of it. I had no intention of acquiring another fandom, and by the end of the miniseries I was positively foaming at the mouth.

It's impossible not to get pulled in. God.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, yes. Roslin was just amazing in the miniseries.

Best show ever. I'm in love.

What if I were trying to re-watch Battlestar Galactica and Fullmetal Alchemist at the same time?

*flails* Scary.

Though you probably will want to check out the FMA OVA that got released today - mostly NON stressful, which a dollop of chibis too.

One of the shorts (the OVA is made of several) might need a hanky though, I hear. But still, new FMA stuff to drool over... *blissful sigh*

I hadn't even heard of the FMA OVA! Since the series ended, I haven't really been following the fandom. Is it up somewhere? I haven't seen anything on the trackers I watch.

Wow, new FMA. I can't wait. :)

Well, after the 51 episodes there was the FMA movie - the conquerer of Shambala if I'm not mistaken...you can probably find a torrent of it (FMA is one of the few series out there where you get closure and still love it) There are also several things not to be missed in the OVA - including...two Als? Lol.

And including the FMA OVA there are a lot of new anime series and OVAs coming out right now - and waiting for 'em to get online is so painful....

The FMA OVA...its made of several shorts - one live action film (probably hysterically Lame), a chibi one (envy is incredibly cute and riza completely pwns roy) and there is sad one which could be viewed as an alternate ending to the series as opposed to the movie that is already out. However, it all *just* came out in Japan so it'll be a while before any of it is online...hime1999 *worships* is the only person with the dirt on it...

(Deleted comment)
omg if you're referring to the one with the older Ed...yikes - that's a depressing thought. Heard it made ppl cry and others plan to ignore it from cannon *wibble*

Yeah, I think you're right. Oh, it hurt me.

(Deleted comment)
I saw the film -- I finally grabbed the Fork sub of the cam rip. I haven't got a good sub yet. Do you have a rec for a sub group? It was good but not completely satisfying. I think the end of the series was fine as it was.

But the OVA shorts rocked my world! I am made of squee. :)

Hmm, I'm not sure - I recall there was a .mkv version...and one could get it off the net via torrent...but it was an early version that I watched so quality wasn't too good either. Huge file though *winces*

There were a couple of ppl who said they were disappointed with the art and stuff for the OVAs...but now...I just want to see 'em so bad

chibi!Envy! omg, I've seen screencaps and he is so ADORABLE.

And I need to see old Ed. Adult Ed. jdskjlfhs

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