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So, there is an FMA OVA which I did not even hear about until today, which was probably a good thing, otherwise I would have been twitching twitching twitching the whole time I was waiting. As it was, the twitch period lasted less than 24 hours and now here are the raws in my hot little hands.

It's really impossible to describe how Fullmetal Alchemist broke me down and made me like it. It's still inside me, it will always be inside me. I've been thinking about re-watching the series, but I haven't got up the courage yet.

The OVA is really three short pieces. The links are YSI. Raw files. The first two are spoilery for the movie. Hawkeye rules for ever and ever.

Killed me dead, so very dead, with the funny. Roy was darling. And Scaaaaaaaaar! Oh, and Al. And Envy/Ed OTP.

Killed me again, but this time with the sigh and the sad and the smile. Hughes. God.

State - re-upped
A symphony of action. Beautiful. And Greed, oh Greed, my Greed. And Envy too.

There are also YouTube links.

Christ. How am I supposed to sleep now?
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