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You can call me Hal.

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So, there is an FMA OVA which I did not even hear about until today, which was probably a good thing, otherwise I would have been twitching twitching twitching the whole time I was waiting. As it was, the twitch period lasted less than 24 hours and now here are the raws in my hot little hands.

It's really impossible to describe how Fullmetal Alchemist broke me down and made me like it. It's still inside me, it will always be inside me. I've been thinking about re-watching the series, but I haven't got up the courage yet.

The OVA is really three short pieces. The links are YSI. Raw files. The first two are spoilery for the movie. Hawkeye rules for ever and ever.

Killed me dead, so very dead, with the funny. Roy was darling. And Scaaaaaaaaar! Oh, and Al. And Envy/Ed OTP.

Killed me again, but this time with the sigh and the sad and the smile. Hughes. God.

State - re-upped
A symphony of action. Beautiful. And Greed, oh Greed, my Greed. And Envy too.

There are also YouTube links.

Christ. How am I supposed to sleep now?

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>.> FMA OVA! *will need to download and see* I still haven't found a working movie file that I can watch. *sporks .mkv* But *cough* Anyway! Thank you for the heads up. ^_~

I'm testing to see if I can view mkv files. These are are avis, though, so they should be fine. But the first two do spoil the movie, so watch at your own risk.

Oh, they were all so good, so good.

I use Matroska to view .mkv files, but thanks so much for posting AVIs!

You. Got. The. Files.


Ok, so I'm supposed to be cramming for a test tomorrow but that doesn't mean I can't take a coffee break and get a bit distracted and enjoy the FMA goodness...

*loves* this is awesome.

And I totally get what ya mean. And there is the fact that the manga is actually different from the anime and they still both TOTALLY rock my world. Its rare that a fandom can do that. And the brotherhoodness of it all between Al and Ed - never really seen anything like it ever. And Roy. And Envy. And I still remember the tragedy of Lust.

Gonna stop now. I'm getting nostalgic and itching towards reading fanfics...some Roy x Ed or AU FMA...or a mix? oh lordy...


Ok, just watched it and I can't...stop...squeeing

I desperately want to know what was said in State - but the amount of Sin coverage was fabulous. And the chibis - wow, the pwnage Riza did...*stunned*...but Children...children was heart wrenching...my eyes were watering and its so bittersweet...its not really sad cause Edward had a full life - with Al till...
And you can see it - but you just wonder where did all the time go and you want to see what happened in between the movie and the short 'cause there is so much unspokeness and of course it wouldn't be alchemical action and drama but it would be Ed and Al drama in our world which I dare say wouldn't be bad at all and I HAVE TO STOP RAMBLING AND GO BACK TO STUDYING.

I capped all three and will post to cap_it tommorrow


Thank you so very much.

I got the files. :) Oh, they were so amazing, so amazing.

I can't recall anything ever affecting me like that show did. Lust made me cry, so much. And Envy. And Roy -- I was so afraid he would die. Every time, towards the end, that he wasn't in an episode, I would be so relieved. That means he didn't die. And...I could name every character in the series. Scar. Hawkeye. Hughes. And, of course, Ed and Al. It all just hurt so good.

I never really read in the fandom. It was one of those shows that was so good I didn't feel the need for fic at all.

Just mention Lust and I get it. I so get it. The show toyed with my emotions like putty and when *it* happened - I was like, no, no - cause she wasn't quite a 'villain' anymore and that is the genius that is FMA.

Envy was like being hit by a 2x4 and its taken the fanfics and OVA (chibis will do that to you) to get over the shock of episode 50 and 51...

I recall screaming in the last episode, thinking Roy had *died* and I was so panicked and depressed - though fundamentally, I had a block that wouldn't accept the thought of either Ed or Al dying - I was just waiting for them both to come back to life...

Episode 8 was it? That episode cemented my love for FMA 'cause it made me *bawl*. And I think Hughes in episode 25? And his daughter asking what was happening and the blankness/hiddenbycap face of Roy...god, it kills me.

Yet, with all the explosion of angst, the innocence of youth from Ed and Al and the overwhelming relationship of the brothers truly Makes It Something More.
Ed and Roy might be battling it out for information on an alchemist but if Roy loses <i> he has t take care of that stray cat </i> God. Brilliant.

FMA - crazy, angsty, funny as hell (bouncing bullets off Al in episode 5 - train scenes) and so unique.

On another note, it has been hard to get acclimatized to the fanfic for precisely your reason. Everything works already. Still, certain multi-parters like Ever, Circumstances and Pawns</a>, and certain fics like Housewarming and so many more, its hard not to keep coming back...

*peeks out from where she's been hiding her head* Um, I'm just uploading revisions of Circumstances. If, you know, you happened to want a version that's less crappy than what I wrote at first. *clears throat, embarrassed* Links'll be up on branchfic in just a few. *hides under desk, trying not to blush too badly* ...can't believe I posted some of that.

omg - I'll never get used to lj - so much stuff that just gets missed....

assyrian just admitted to stalking you for PoT ficage...and since I already fangirl your FMA stuff, I thought it about time I joined in on it all.

*goes off to investigate, squee and friend*

FMA had this coming out and I didn't know about IT?

Oh god, I'm slipping!

ANd thanks for the links...I had to defriend all FMA communities because I refused to watch the movie forever even though it was just sitting on my harddrive. Now that I watched it (JUST LAST WEEK) I can watch these right away...thanks so MUCH for the share!!!!

Me too! I haven't been following the comms at all since the series ended, so I had no idea.

It took me a while to get up the nerve to watch the movie too. And the exact same day, just after I'd finished it, I read a random Prince of Tennis fic on ff.n that *spoiled the ending of the FMA movie*! What a close call I had.

These are so good. I know you'll love them.

OMG!!! *squees and dies repeatedly* Totally downloading! *__*

I should be studying, but... but... Hagaren! Chibis! I wants! How come I didn't know about the FMA OVA?! O_O

Thank you! *clings to your feet*

They're short! You can call it a study break. :) You're so welcome -- I'm always happy to share, esp something as good as this.

They are so much love!!! I always loved Riza and here she rules all! ♥ Totally pwned Roy's ass again! *__*

And the chibis! And the kids! Oh so much love that is FMA! *__*

Although, I apologise in advance for being leechy and ungrateful and just plain scum of the earth, but... The third link somehow didn't work for me. It says blocked. ;___; But I watched it on Youtube instead, so all is good. *__*

Thank you again! You are the best! *loves on you*

I can upload the third one again when I get home; it's not a huge file, so it won't take long. :)

Riza was such love. They all were love.

That would be awesome and I'd be eternally grateful! I'm sorry for all the trouble. ;___;

Yes they were! Oh, the kids were just too cute! ♥ Poor Roy crying when he lost in cards! *__* HUGHES IN A POLICE UNIFORM! *__* Breda taking his clothes off... Winry envious of Rose in the movie (if I saw that picture correctly)! Greed flirting with Winry Envy!

So much love! ♥

Thank you SO much! *worships*

*giggle* Oh that was priceless. All of it was fantastic. ♥

Eep--sorry to be so pseudo-stalker-y, but I found my way here through banana_onigiri's journal, and I didn't know about the FMA OVA either, and now that I do I simply must watch it, so I snicked your YSI files. =_= I hope that was okay!! ^_^() (And if not, um, I'm really sorry! >.<) But anyway, THANK YOU so much for supplying another FMA fangirl with these!! You rock!! :D

*slinks away*

Hee! You're totally welcome. These are such love, I just have to share.

*is broken*

the chibis were killer, but man, when i got to the end of that kids episode, even though you aren't actually sure why you should be so sad, I totally went all sniffly. Oh Ed. And the manhole cover bit killed me ridiculously too.

Chibi!Al! Chibi!Envy! *dies more and more*

and in other news, i finally just caught on that Kakinoki is a PoT school already, rather than something you made up. *facepalms* I forgot all about them.

Yeah, the kids episode is just so...wah! And Envy is almost but not quite as fabulous as Riza.

FMA... There have been some lovely doujinshi in yaoi_daily, probably within the last two weeks.

Oh, cool, thanks. :) I don't watch that comm anymore, due to wank and also just not being able to keep up!

Thanks so much for sharing these!

Hi, random visitor here. ^^;; I just wanted to ask that is it possible for you to upload those OVAs again? I'd really like to have them, but I can't find them anywhere.

Sorry if I bothered you in any way.

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