Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

The winner will be Hyotei.

Guys, thanks so much for all the cool comments on King, the Ryoma in Slytherin Hyotei story. You are all awesome! That's really my favorite story of mine so far in 2006. I'd been working on it ever since I did the ep write-ups for 66-68 and the what if? post. (Which I guess was only about two weeks. It just felt longer.) I really enjoyed going through that match again from a different angle. It made me look at the characters harder, change my perspective.

And the awesomeness continues:

banana_onigiri drew Ryoma in Hyotei uniform. It suits the boy so well!

assyrian wrote Champions, an AU with Ryoma in Rikkai. Kirihara is love. I think there's more of this forthcoming and I'm really looking forward to it. ETA: There's more.

Go, look, read, love.
Tags: tenipuri
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