Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

It's too hot to be fannish.

But I'll try.

I'm almost done my pre-OotP HP read-through. I'm mid-way through GoF right now and I'm thinking that I've re-read it too recently to do it again. But I persevere.

Here's something I've never figured out:

The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is Mad Eye Moody. Who of course is actually Barty Jr. Who of course has to act like Mad Eye in order to stay under cover. So, he's a good teacher. No problem.

But! When he demonstrates the Unforgivable Curses, he puts Imperius on them all. And Harry is nearly able to shrug it off. And then Barty Jr-as-Moody makes Harry practise again and again until he can throw off Imperius entirely. Why?

I've never been able to come up with a good explanation for that.


I've got B5 S2 and am greedily watching my way through it. It's a lot better than S1 except that now we have Sheridan. In my home, he is known as Uncle John as I've never seen anyone that avuncular. I wish he'd choke on his homespun wisdom. Or at least not come back from Zahadum. *g*

While I'm pretty sure I've seen every B5 ep, I've never got to watch straight through in order before. (When it was first airing, I had some TV accessibility issues and so wasn't able to keep up.)

I'm really enjoying seeing the beginning of people's stories now that I know their ends. You can see all the seeds of success and destruction in these early seasons.

While Ivanova is my official B5 lustbunny, I think my fave character is G'Kar. His arc -- which is of course inextricable from Londo's -- is the most tumultous, interesting, and touching.

I began to really love Xander when I found out that he was a B5 fan. And this season, when it happened, I thought of G'Kar. There was no way to work that into fic without it being cheesy, but it seemed enough to ponder it.


And now I should go write. If it's not too hot.

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