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You can call me Hal.

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And the beat goes on.
kaidoh hufflepuff
More Ryoma schools AU!

Victory Road (1/2) by trinityhelix. Ryoma at Fudomine. I love Trin's Fudomine so hard.

I'm enjoying these so much. Three schools down, lots more to go. Who's going to do Rokkaku?

And marksykins posted Aim for the Sky! fic! Torrent, Kobayashi/Kazuhiro. That's the shogi guy and the, um, guy who likes to take off his pants. They are love and so is Marks.

In other news, you have until Sunday to sign up for tenipurifantasy. I haven't been able to decide what to ask for yet, though there are at least two requests I'm dying to jump at.

The truth is my Prince of Tennis fantasy is so strange and weird and wrong that I doubt anyone would want to take it on. I'm still craving a hardcore BL-style explicit doujinshi about Horio and the basketball boys he clonked in the head with the mop and then told he would do anything to make up for it.

I'm sick, I know. I'll try to think up something less disturbing before Sunday.

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Mm, fic to read when I get home.

Darnit, I saw Aim for the Sky! and torrent and for a second I thought... actually, I don't know what I thought there would be a torrent of.

*ponders what my PoT fantasy is* Probably it has more to do with the story being reasonably well thought out and developed than anything else.

Darnit, I saw Aim for the Sky! and torrent and for a second I thought... actually, I don't know what I thought there would be a torrent of.

I had the same reaction. I wonder how much fic we have to produce before the canon spontaneously generates.

Actually, I almost called it something else because I was afraid of that. What the heck could I possibly be torrenting, though!

Your icon = ♥ I adore Arai.

(Deleted comment)
It's so much fun. I really hope there are more.

No way - go with the Horio idea. That way, the bullies can insist on having Kachiro next and Arai will have to watch. It will open up a whole new avenue for their burgeoning love future doubles pair.

I think that if I post the Horio idea, no one will pick it and I'll be sad and alone with no fic. *g* Kachiro/Arai. Mmmmmm...

And I love your icon.

*amused* So which schools hasn't Ryouma been AU'd to, yet?

And who's doing St. Rudolph?

Nearly all of them! We've only got Hyotei, Rikkai, and Fudomine so far. (Well, in this wave. I'm sure there's more fic of this nature out there somewhere.) I think storyteller said she was working on Yamabuki, but that's the only other one I know of.

And who's doing St. Rudolph?

It could be you! Ryoma and darling Yuuta -- how would they get along?

I will tempt you as much as I please!


*is weak against temptation!*

Dude, I'm sure someone out there will want to write that fantasy. You're certainly not the only one who wants to read it. Although it might just be the two of us

The real issue is that I don't actually want fic about that one, I want doujinshi, the more explicit the better. Actually, pretty much any Horio doujinshi would. I love him so.

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