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You can call me Hal.

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kaidoh sparks
There is some controversy over who is depicted in this icon. The first few times I watched the trailer, I assumed, because of the way the racquet drags on the court, it was Oishi hitting the Moon Volley.

Upon closer inspection, I decided that it was Kaidoh hitting the Boomerang Snake. He crouches way down to hit, the same blue racquet appears here and in the very next shot, which is Kaidoh hitting the Boomerang, the vapour trail on the court matches between the two shots, and, of course, no socks. But it is part of a montage of special shots, so it's hard to be absolutely certain. What do you think?

ETA further evidence in favour of Kaidoh: later in the trailer, Ryoma hits the Boomerang Snake too and he also drags the racquet on the ground first. Okay, I have no more doubts.

Sparky is:

Horio, with two years tennis experience
If it's not Atobe, then who cares?

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(Deleted comment)
You can always change your vote. :) I'm a little ... fixated ... on Kaidoh's ankles.


I couldn't resist. But I actually do think it's Oishi, as you know. Even though you have excellent evidence that it's Kaidoh. Oishi needs some trailer glory. Kaidoh gets to be all pwned by Ryoma's Twist Serve and then there's the 'everyone is checking out my ass' shot and the Boomerang Snake is all kinds of awesome. Not that Kaidoh doesn't deserve to be all over the trailer, I just want him to share the love.

It saddens me that the trailer has pretty much no Fuji, no Dunk Smash, and no "mada mada dane."

I do love Oishi but I love Kaidoh more. So I am very pleased that he PWNS THE TRAILER. :)

No "mada mada dane" was kind of weird. What if he never says it at all?

Actually, I was dead certain it was Oishi, simply because of the dragging the racket on the court, but you're right, it could also be Kaidoh. In fact, you convinced me it is Kaidoh.

I'll still go with Oishi, though, because he needs more love screen time. ♥

Hee! You're tainting the scientific integrity of my LJ poll!

Dude, forget about all the continuity between cuts and all. The question you should always ask yourself when attempting to identify a Seigaku member: what color is the racquet?

Kaidoh's racquet is dark blue. This Seigaku dude's racquet is dark blue. Ergo, it is Kaidoh. QED.

A true Tenipuri fan can identify every single one of the racquets in the ending shot of "White Line." :D

>A true Tenipuri fan can identify every single one of the racquets in the ending shot of "White Line." :D

Yeah, and Tezuka's racquet is under all the others >_>


Okay, okay. I think it's Kaidoh. My proof is that whoever's in your icon has legs (or at the very least, ankles) that could make girls cry.

Horio never gets enough credit.

And pillar, shmillar. The whole show is really about the Hotness of Kaidoh. There's not a bit of him that can't make girls cry.

oh....*is disappointed* I too was hoping for oishi love. but sadly, i think you are right. on top of no socks, he's clearly wearing shorts now that i peer at the cap closely, and Oishi usually wears pants, right? Or maybe i am crazy.

now we just need the next trailer to be like non-stop hyoutei. cause i need Oshitari kansaiing and Atobe doing his thing, and Ohtori being the cutest, sweetest, i'm-too-ashamed-to-sit-down-senpai-i'll-just-stand kouhai in the history of tennis.

(Oishi usually wears shorts on court... but he does have socks.)

Poor Oishi got his trademark shot stolen T_T

I know! And if it were anybody but Kaidoh who had stolen it, I would be weeping. But...it's Kaidoh! I'm torn.

I tend to agree that it's Kaidou too. But I'm sure Horio thanks you for the inclusion of his credentials in your poll. XD

Horio is so my boyfriend. I really hope that in the film he gets the full respect that is due to him.

Hmmm. Movie trailers are well known for cutting and swapping things about... and I'm thinking about it this way. Is Kaidoh more likely to lead up to a snake irregularly, or is Oishi more likely to have not worn socks? I'm thinking option b...

But I think the other evidence -- the racquet colour, Ryoma's racquet-dragging Boomerang -- is pretty conclusive.

Maybe we should have a bet. :)

I'm positive it's Kaidoh... it looks like he's facing either the back or the side of the court, judging from the lines, whereas Oishi faces the front! Plus I closely analysed the shoes too.
Thinking too much about it, as usual... :P

I looked at the shoes a LOT. It seems like they're black down the middle and white on the sides, or some weird thing.

Poor Oishi, all his glory stolen.

Hey Hal, you were just rec'd in the crack_van community. :-)

Thanks for letting me know! I'll check it out. :)

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