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You can call me Hal.

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* pint of dark lager

* raspberry gelato

Whatever gets you through the day, you know?

In other news, this is possibly my most boring entry ever. It makes me want to look back through my journal and find the top 5 boring entries and have you vote on which is really the most boring.

But it would bore me even more to read back that far. So, you'll just have to make do with the current level of boring and take my word for it that it's pretty near the top. Unless you want to go back through the archive yourself and nominate a more boring entry than this one. There could be a prize for the most boring entry found.

Also: Starbuck is hot.

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I am suddenly reminded of Kaidoh's lunch habits, though they weren't as creative as that. *ponders*

Er, just ignore me.

Kaidoh's lunch was probably way more nutritionally balanced than mine.

* making entry tags truth

I think that's my RDA of bland cute right there.

Now I'm just going to imagine the kitten in a store window and Kaidoh on the other side of the window, all but pressing his nose to the glass.

I went for the most generic, wide-eyed kitten I could find. I bet Kaidoh names all the kittens in the pet store.

Starbuck is hot. Thus your entry is not boring.

It's less the post itself and more what it makes you think about.

Entry with Starbuck = Not Boring

'cause jfvndkjnklsg its Starbuck and Starbuck pwns everything and if she doesn't, she will...and -

*rubs head*

no more BSG for me, thank you.

*goes in search of OTP fics on the anime side*

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