Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

2006 First Quarter Fic Roundup

[ eta: I can't believe I forgot the Joey/Chandler. ]

Aim for the Sky!

Tachiki/Misaki, PG13, 350 words.
In which Misaki is surprised and Tachiki is much as usual.

Sato/Asakawa, PG, 450 words.

Also, the Bonus Track on Simple Gifts is Sato/Asakawa.


Men Like Sports
Joey/Chandler, PG, 188 words.
Olympic games.

Harry Potter

Next Time
Marcus/Oliver, 1000 words, NC17.
"How do you want it this time?"
NB: Non-con.

Prince of Tennis

90% Perspiration
MomoKai, PG13, 2400 words.
Kaidoh does Momo a favour.

Ryoma, Atobe, Tezuka. 2200 words. G.
What if things were different?

Momoshiro Takeshi and the Seigaku Tennis Club
Various and sundry pairings, PG, 2200 words.
People are behaving oddly and Momo can't figure out why.

Tezuka/Oishi, G, 1100 words.
Chocolate and confusion.

Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji, 160 words, G.
(Plus some InuKai drabbles.)

Simple Gifts (Special Golden Power Remix x 5) + BONUS TRACK
Prince of Tennis, Oishi/Eiji, R, 5200 words.
5 ways with Oishi, Eiji, and presents.

Symbols and Shortcuts
InuKai, PG, 1400 words.
Post-Nationals. The meaning of things.

Inui, Kaidoh, Momoshiro, 330 words, PG13.
Kaidoh's birthday.

Slam Dunk

The Personal Journal of Kogure Kiminobu, Entry for July 16, 1990
Mitsui/Kogure, 540 words, PG13.
A day in the life.
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