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You can call me Hal.

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Lessons from Atobe

Also see: Inui takes Kaidoh shopping.

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Sims indeed. They are such fun!


Also, shopping. I am dying.

It's at the resort Atobe had built exclusively for carrying on his secret affair with Tezuka.

I imagine he has a resort for every one of his conquests. Momo's has a pinball machine.


if by 'momo's' you mean, 'the back of atobe's limo'.

Any excuse to break this baby out.


Atobe, why are you so fabulous?

Seriously. :D

Now comes the obligatory begging fandom for more Atobe/Momo.

how likely is Atobe to have a "secret" anything?

Seriously, Tezuka should be warned! Atobe seems like the type to blab anything to anyone.

I'm sure it's on the cover of every magazine! Atobe is, after all, a superstar.

heh. This is why PoT is so darned gay. No other shonen show could get away with someone like Atobe (and unlike Mizuki he actually *knows* how to wear pastels!)

This really makes me miss Sims 1.


I don't play them much any more, but a year ago, I got re-addicted when I found the tenipuri skins.


I know that no words are needed for the InuKai shopping, but I would kill for captions.

Omg Inui and Kaidoh... THEY'RE DOING IT BEHIND A CURTAIN!! Omg, that takes guts. XD I love the random salesperson.

They so are. I only wish it were easier to tell which one is kneeling. *g*

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