Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

What do you mean I am the one who would dance on the floor in the round?

Perhaps unadvisedly, I downloaded the first episode of Ouran High Host Club. It is ridiculous love, such a fluffy keeper. It will be filled, I'm sure, with far-fetched scenarios and teasing hints of BL and it will make me smile whenever an episode drops and I won't think about it much in between. I need a few series like that in my life.

I finished up Garo last night. It ended very strongly and even made me cry at one point. And the fight scenes were superb. This show has always had great effects and well-choreographed fights. In the beginning, I wasn't that engaged, because good fighting is not enough to attach me to a show. I was bascially just watching for Kaoru, whom I love with the burning power of a thousand million suns. Kouga, I thought, was just a boring asshole in leather pants and eyeliner. But then Zero appeared on the scene and the episodes got stronger, creepy even, and Kouga started to actually change, little by little. By the end, I liked him a lot. (He's played by Hiroki Konishi, who was Ibu Shinji in Tenimyu.) There was only one flaw in the ending. NO SUGAR! I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Kouga and Kaoru to have a big kiss scene and it just didn't happen. At one point, I almost hit my laptop screen with a pillow.

And why isn't S2 of Honey and Clover here yet? I need more now! And has anyone seen the second special subbed yet? I just have the first one. (Romaiya-senpai!)
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