Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

One more new anime: Gakuen Heaven

I wasn't going to download Gakuen Heaven, but I sort of went into a coma or something and when I woke up, there the first episode was on my hard drive.

It's based on a BL game and manga of the same name. I haven't seen the game, but I did read a bit of the manga a year or so ago. It was sexy and fun but I wasn't too fussed when I didn't get the rest of it.

Ito Keita receives an acceptance letter to the very prestigious Bell Liberty (BL, get it?) high school, even though he is ordinary in every way. He transfers in the middle of the semester and draws the attention of nearly everybody as they try to figure out what his special secret ability must be.

Pretty boys galore, a bit of intrigue, the promise of some sexual tension and hopefully at least a kiss or two. It seems a little bland, but for one thing. Or rather several things: the voice actors.

Oh my god. This is the real fanservice. The moment I heard Okiayu's voice, I knew I would be watching every single episode of this show. Let's see who we've got, shall we?

Morikawa Toshiyuki. His character is automatically my boyfriend in any series.
Youhei - Slam Dunk
Conrad - KKM
Kamiya - Aoki Densetsu Shoot (okay, I'm probably the only one watching this)
Volg - Hajime no Ippo

Konishi Katsuyuki
Shouri - KKM
Soubi - Loveless
Kajimoto - Prince of Tennis

Sakurai Takahiro
Yuuri - KKM
Orpherus - Meine Liebe (another show to watch just for the VAs)

And of course, Okiayu Ryotaro. I'm sure I don't need to make a list, but I will anyhow.
Byakuya - Bleach
Shigure - Fruits Basket
Scar - Fullmetal Alchemist
The demon king in the thing with the really long name that we were all watching just for his sexy evil voice.
Treize - Gundam Wing
Mitsui - Slam Dunk
Tezuka - Prince of Tennis
And more, so much more.

This is just a sampling of the VAs. There are more you will recognize.

I have no idea if this show will be good enough to actually post about beyond this, let alone make icons for. But I will at least be watching, and more importantly, listening.
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