Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Did anyone else...

...watch RDA on the Simpsons last night? I thought all the MacGuyver stuff was hilarious (unlike the A-story). I confess to yelling at the TV screen when he talked about "my new show Stargate SG-1". Jack, I miss you so much.

...wake up on Sunday and realise that they could see the little ♥s in Firefox? I'm freaked out because I didn't install or change anything at all. I didn't even quit the browser! And it only works on my desktop, not my laptop. But it's so nice to see hearts and not vertical lines.

...watch the AO sub of PoT 163 even though they have already watched that episode about five times raw and at least as many times again in the Shinsen sub? It's my favourite feel-good episode. Oh, Kaidoh is so darling and Inui uses his sexiest voice ever and it's all so shippy. Not to mention, we get the second piece of evidence that Nanjiroh is supplying Inui with stalker-tapes of their matches. I wonder why nobody ever builds on that fact. (My fault as much as anyone's, I know.)

...rename a variable in their PHP code so it would be more fannish? And then smile sadly because the show is over? delete_confirm is now delete_approved and I wish there were more Dekaranger.

...eat a sugar cookie?
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