Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Things that are cool.

It was hard to pick an icon for this post. I wanted to use a different one for each section.

1. goldie is throwing a Prince of Tennis Friending Frenzy. You go to the post and pimp your own fine ass so people can friend you and check out other people's asses to find new friends. I won't have time to go through the list until tomorrow, but it looks like some cool people there! I've never done one of these before. I think when they started to go around in the HP fandom I was already sliding into PoT.

2. It's Slam Dunk week on dancedance_fan, a comm for recommending anime and manga series. Sadly, I flaked and missed character day so I will have to write my ode to Fujima Kenji another time. Slam Dunk is the best sports series ever, in my opinion, and I wish more people would get into it. It made me laugh, it made me cry. More than that, it made me sob. The art eventually became amazingly good, the story is intense, the characters are engaging. Slam Dunk is king.

3. The Death Note movie trailer is up! Thanks to mousapelli for the heads up and also the instructions on how to find the trailer. Click on Raito's TV and then on the button in the lower left of the TV (you'll see an eye.) Looks good, very creepy. (But no Matsuda.)

4. Canadian Doctor Who fans: Does anybody know when the new season will air here? I've been checking the CBC site, but the most current stuff up there is about the Christmas Invasion. Last season, I was well-behaved and waiting for it to air on TV since we were only about a week and a half behind the UK. (Though I got spoiled a shocking amount just by my flist.) If it's not the same this time around, I will download.

5. T-3 sleeps.
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