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You can call me Hal.

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Things that are cool.
It was hard to pick an icon for this post. I wanted to use a different one for each section.

1. goldie is throwing a Prince of Tennis Friending Frenzy. You go to the post and pimp your own fine ass so people can friend you and check out other people's asses to find new friends. I won't have time to go through the list until tomorrow, but it looks like some cool people there! I've never done one of these before. I think when they started to go around in the HP fandom I was already sliding into PoT.

2. It's Slam Dunk week on dancedance_fan, a comm for recommending anime and manga series. Sadly, I flaked and missed character day so I will have to write my ode to Fujima Kenji another time. Slam Dunk is the best sports series ever, in my opinion, and I wish more people would get into it. It made me laugh, it made me cry. More than that, it made me sob. The art eventually became amazingly good, the story is intense, the characters are engaging. Slam Dunk is king.

3. The Death Note movie trailer is up! Thanks to mousapelli for the heads up and also the instructions on how to find the trailer. Click on Raito's TV and then on the button in the lower left of the TV (you'll see an eye.) Looks good, very creepy. (But no Matsuda.)

4. Canadian Doctor Who fans: Does anybody know when the new season will air here? I've been checking the CBC site, but the most current stuff up there is about the Christmas Invasion. Last season, I was well-behaved and waiting for it to air on TV since we were only about a week and a half behind the UK. (Though I got spoiled a shocking amount just by my flist.) If it's not the same this time around, I will download.

5. T-3 sleeps.

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But Friday is "anything goes" day! I missed my own ode to Ryouta but I'll be putting something up then, I think. XD XD

Cool! Since I'm off work, I'll have time to wax poetic on his charms. :)

(Deleted comment)
I use a Bittorent program. (The one I prefer is Azureus.) You get a torrent from from a site -- I usually go to mininova.org for Western TV -- and then the bt program uses that to contact other uses that have the file or just bits of the file. You upload at the same time as you download, so it's a distributed method.

Last season, I was well-behaved and waiting for it to air on TV since we were only about a week and a half behind the UK.

how lucky you are, canadians. i´m betting in spain nothing remotely dw-related would ever air. so the only option is download it. is it saturday yet?

Looks like I'll have to download too. But that makes it easier to make icons, anyhow. :)

*checks out your fine ass*

kjsdbfkjs why do I not have an icon of Kaidoh's ass? It woould be most appropriate right now. D:

Especially since fully 30% of the anime and manga is devoted to Kaidoh's amazing ass!

The best I've got is Kaidoh's dawning realization that everyone is checking him out every time he bends over.

oh perfect. I was just thinking that I didn't have enough PoT friends :D

I hope you found some good ones. :)

Death Note. sldkffjsdlkfjfldkfjasf;l.

Isn't Souta in that? Or did I just make that up?

He is! He's Matsuda, which is the most pefect casting *ever*.

Slam Dunk! Yes! Such a great sports series! Both the anime and manga were so good (can we say Midorikawa Hikaru and Okiayu Ryotaro???)! Before the Seigaku tennis team, there was the Shohoku basketball team. There was crack and sportsmanship and teamwork and everything else you could want in a shounen sports manga.
Personally, Hikaru no Go is my favorite sports manga but Slam Dunk is definitely up there (rereading Slam Dunk may make me change my mind though ^^;).

I'm so glad to hear you know SD! It's just the best ever. The manga was amazing, but the anime was great too. I'm in love with it and I really wish more people were too.

Oh and not enough people seed Slam Dunk. Did you just dl it via torrents?

ok. forget that comment. I just went and clicked on that community :)

Grah, Friending Frenzy. I don't know if I should because seeing the amount of comments already scare me and I don't think I'll be able to go through them all. XD;;

OMG DN LOVE! The first thing I noticed was Raito sitting at his desk. He wasn't there before! And yay. *watches the trailer again* Is this the same one as before? *doesn't seem so*

The first thing I noticed was Raito sitting at his desk. He wasn't there before!

If he's there at all, he's at his desk or on his bed. And he seems to randomly appear and disappear. Hmmmm *lightly rubs chin while postulating a strange theory*

My friend Chad (see my friends list) says CBC will be airing it in September. What the heck are they thinking?! I'm hunting down all my friends with satellite to see if they get BBC. I don't think I want to wait that long!

God, I know! I would wait a week and a half and give their advertisers my eyeballs, but September? No way. Bittorent it is.

Don't mind me, scanning through some old entries I missed.

You're watching Hajime no Ippo? Yay! I love that series a lot but nobody pays attention to it, so it makes me sad.

You know, I generally love sports series (though I hate sports), but I never got into Slam Dunk. I think it was the ridiculously slow pacing it seemed to have, where a tiny bit of game took *forever* to go through. Does it ever get better about that?

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