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Doctor Who: New Earth

Tennant, you win at being the Doctor. Oh, I am all made of squee right now. All my flist darlings who are waiting for your torrents -- be strong!

This was such a manic episode. I loved the beginning, poor Mickey standing alone as the box disappears and inside, Rose so excited to be gone.

Rose and Ten are so sparky, sparky, sparky! It's hard to get a good sense of their interaction considering they spent most of the ep apart or possessed, but I'm thinking good, good thoughts.

Zoë Wanamaker is always, always fabulous. I want to have her babies.

The hospital was gorgeous and the readouts by each bed looked like giant iPods. The cat-nurse-nun sitting with the Face of Bo was really hot. And the design of Intensive Care -- that whole Matrix effect -- also great.

Just such a fun outing. Action, action, action, great character moments. I thought both BP and DT did a great job channelling ZW. And what a lovely way to end things. Maybe a touch too heartwarming, but right now I don't care. My heart is warmed. I am happy.

eta: Doesn't this look like something straight out of The Avengers?

Must. Make. More. Icons.
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