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Merry, Pippin, chitinous exoskeletons

Shell Game

Merry looked at the steaming bowl the Insect Queen was offering them. "Pippin," he whispered, "I don't know that we should."

"Why not?" Pippin said. "When we drank the Entdraught we got bigger, right? With certain...woody benefits."

"Well, yes," Merry said, but he was still doubtful.

"And when the Windlord gave us that special brew, we grew our wings." Pippin preened his feathers. "You like to fly, don't you?"

"I do, but--"

"Then when we took that potion from the Lizardfolk, we got these great tails." Pippin ran his tail up Merry's thigh. "Or had you forgotten?"

Merry twined his tail with Pippin's. They were so sensitive; he wasn't used to it yet. "Of course I haven't forgotten."

"This is bound to be something just as good." Pippin smiled at Merry, then reached out for the bowl. He drank, then passed it to Merry.

Merry shrugged, and drained the bowl. The liquid was cold, for all that it steamed, and Merry thought his bones would freeze. At first, there was nothing, and then he began to feel his skin changing. It was becoming heavier, tougher. This could be good -- it would be like wearing armour, but always on.

He looked over at Pippin. Pippin's skin was shining in the torchlight. Merry looked down at his arm and it shone too.

"Excellent," said Pippin.

Merry tapped his arm. There was a click. His skin was completely hard now and he couldn't feel a thing. "Pippin..." he said.

"Nothing will hurt us now," Pippin said.

Merry took Pippin's face in both his hands. It was like touching something while wearing metal gauntlets. "Don't you think there's a problem?"

Pippin's face fell. "No! How are we going to--" He turned to the Insect Queen. "You have to change us back!"

She clacked her mandibles together and shook her head.

"Come on." Pippin dragged Merry out into the fresh air. "I think there's a Beaver Clan across the lake. Maybe they can help us."

It was worth a try, Merry thought, and they flew over to try their luck.

They ended up with buckteeth.


Tags: chitinous exoskeletons, fic, lord of the rings, merry/pippin
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