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Random tenipuri flailing.

Well, I guess it's not that random, because mostly it is flailing about ep 164. The AO sub dropped today and so I watched it, even though, like ep 163, I've watched it a bunch raw and then in the Shinsen sub. Because it is love.

This is the episode that makes me believe that they are really in junior high after all. Because CODE NAMES. Snake 1! I just want to hug Kaidoh to death when I hear that. And, honey, you can't be undercover and wear your trademark bandana. Let us see your pretty hair, okay?

So, the main thing about this ep was the Kaidoh fanservice. I still have these caps up from when the raw dropped:

Just. The bicycle shorts. The arms. The headset. THE CODE NAME! And, oh my god oh my god, the fingerless gloves.

And this. Oh, this:

Okay, I forgot what else I wanted to talk about.

Oh, right. I think Momoshiro probably had an epiphany right about then. One that made him want to kill himself but yet was just so undeniable.

Forget all the pillar of Seigaku stuff. This show is really just about the Hotness of Kaidoh.

The club mix stuff was funny. (But let's not even talk about Oishi, okay?) And I've always thought this:

was foreshadowing for Prince of Tennis being cancelled and Eyeshield 21 taking their timeslot. Also that's probably the most jailbait-y Ryoma ever.

I cry, cry, cry that we did not get a good look at Kaidoh in his swimming trunks. Cry.

And then the moment that Tezuka returns and everyone is so happy and so am I and You Got Game plays and the images from -- which credit sequence is that? Anyhow, it's all so lovely and flail-worthy.

And then this, which also makes me cry, cry, cry:

Tezuka holding Oishi's hand, but looking down at Ryoma. It kills me every time.

But not as much as the fingerless gloves.
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