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AftS Fic: Thank You, Come Again (Asakawa/Tachiki)

Happy birthday, mousapelli! This isn't based on one of your themes, but I hope you like it all the same. (I guess I could make a case for 7. Conned/Unexpected Thrill.)

And laylah joined the AftS party and wrote some utterly delicious Tachiki/Misaki UST: Secret Dragon Hero Mission. Write more soon!

Thank You, Come Again by Halrloprillalar
Aim for the Sky!, Asakawa/Tachiki, 600 words, PG13.
Asakawa goes shopping.

Asakawa stopped outside the door and adjusted the plastic bags. They were pretty full and the handles were stretching a bit. What if they broke on the way home? Box lunches and snacks all over the road. He should have made Sato come along with him. But for some reason, Sato wanted to take a nap, like he was an old man. How could he be so tired out already? They were in the flower of their youth!

Shopping was all Sato's idea anyhow. Just because they were out of eggs and he didn't want to eat Asakawa's natto and strawberry jam on toast anymore. Well, it was probably Asakawa's mother's fault too. She always forgot to go shopping and they ran out of everything, even rice.

He picked up the bags and the handles cut into his fingers. Maybe he should take the bus.

"Asakawa." Tachiki was leaning against the wall of the convenience store, chewing gum. He blew a bubble that swelled almost as wide as his face, then sucked it back into his mouth.

"Tachiki!" Asakawa ran over, shopping bags bumping against his calves. "Are you having a good weekend?"

"It's all right."

"My parents are away so Sato is over helping me watch the house. We're having a lot of fun!"

Tachiki grinned. "I can imagine." He pushed himself upright. "Come on, there's something I want to show you."

Asakawa followed Tachiki around behind the store. There was a trash bin and some boxes stacked up beside it. A few empty drink cups lay on their sides on the ground. People should take more care. Maybe Tachiki wanted to talk about an anti-litter campaign.

"Tachiki--" Asakawa began and Tachiki grabbed his face and kissed him.

Asakawa's mouth was still sore and a little swollen from last night with Sato. Last night and this morning and this afternoon, actually. Tachiki's kiss wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable, tingly on Asakawa's lips, like the bubbles in a fizzy drink. Asakawa's whole skin felt like that, as though he'd almost had too much touching.

Almost. Tachiki's fingers pressed hard into Asakawa's cheeks and Asakawa opened his mouth. He dropped the bags and wrapped his arms around Tachiki, arching his back so he was pressed against Tachiki, shoulders to knees, close as he could get. He pushed his tongue past Tachiki's lips, into his warm, wet, fruit-flavoured mouth. He sighed and put one hand on Tachiki's ass.

When they moved apart, Tachiki's gum was in Asakawa's mouth. Tachiki had a sort of strange look on his face, not really like his usual smirk. Maybe he had a stomach ache.

Asakawa wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. "What did you want to show me?"

"Um...never mind." Tachiki rubbed his own mouth, then shook his head like he was trying to get water out of his hair. "It can wait." He picked up the bags and handed them to Asakawa. "Tell Sato I said hi."

Asakawa blew bubbles all the way home. They kept breaking and sticking to his face. When he got in, Sato was wiping down the kitchen counter.

"Food!" Asakawa said and put down the bags. He was just about to tell Sato about meeting Tachiki when it occurred to him that maybe Sato might not really be happy about Asakawa kissing Tachiki. So that would be a secret. He pulled out the box lunches and put them into the refrigerator while Sato unpacked the snacks.

"Hey," Sato said. "Where did you get this?" He held up a magazine. It had pictures of naked girls in it.

Asakawa swallowed his gum.
Tags: aim for the sky!, fic
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