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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
I think I'll drop all my other pairings and just write Sakuno/Kintaro from now on.

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this post has troll written all over it. ^^

Trolling? Moi?

(But they're so damn cute!)


*Inui glares at you*

(Deleted comment)
They are like Tarzan and Jane.

Damn, why didn't I think of that?

I am just all kinds of brilliance.



Complete with JungleBoy outfit, too.

And she will teach him to be civilized! And how to say Ryoma's name!

But in the end, she will get a jungle!hottie makeover and everyone will hit Ryoma and be all, WHY DID YOU LET SUCH A BABE SLIP AWAY?!


well you know, her chance of love with Ryoma is 0%...

Oh, but once Ryoma sees Sakuno with Kintaro, he'll realise that all the times he forgot her name and ignored her existance and dissed her were really becase he loved her with all his heart. Then Ryoma and Kintaro will BATTLE FOR SAKUNO'S LOVE. And Horio and Tomoka will hook up in the B plot.

Seriously. They are made for each other.

And they will both call out Ryoma's name in bed.... XD

YES. *dies and dies*

it will be the most glorious abusive relationship ever. Horio will love every moment

Oh yes. Completely.

They and their kids would be the loudest family ever.

I smell a bit of sarcasm here? ;-)

However, I really do wish Sakuno were written more often. And Tomo, who is growing on me. I mean, I love them. I love that they support the team wholeheartedly. I love that they want to take up tennis. I love their dynamic together -- Sakuno's clearly embarrassed by Tomo, but you don't abandon your friends, right? I love Tomo's horrible squealing enthusiasm and Sakuno's quiet, desperate crush that she can barely manage to express.

I don't neccessarily want to see them written in pairings, but just -- I mean, we remember what it's like to be that age and have a crush on a boy who was too interested in other things to notice us, right? Or maybe we remember waking up from that haze of Yay, boys! and turning our attention to other things ourselves. And I think fic about them, by the writers in this fandom, would be seriously awesome.

I want fic where they get better at tennis, or where they kiss each other experimentally at a sleepover, or... or anything, really.

I think I may have to write this myself :-)

I'm not serious, but I'm not being sarcastic either. I actually think they would be really cute together, though Sakuno would still be pining for Ryoma.

I find Sakuno problematic in that I want to like her more than I do, but the anime doesn't really allow for that and in the manga, she's hardly there. The time when she spazzed out and told off Horio and the rest was really awesome. I wish we saw more of that side of her. And I wish she would spend more time on her own tennis. I think she needs to find her own love of sport.

And Tomoka is love. I really do ship her and Horio, though I think it may take them a year at least to move beyond yelling at each other and on to dating (still including the yelling, of course).

I want fic where they get better at tennis, or where they kiss each other experimentally at a sleepover, or... or anything, really.

That would be lovely. You should totally do that.

.. their love is so canon XD

If it's not now, it will be. Oh, it will be.

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