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I am just so behind right now. It seems like I have time to either make substantive posts/read fic/read posts/comment/reply to comments/chat/other fannish stuff OR write fic. And I've been writing, working on a story that completely kicked my ass last year. I resurrected it about a month ago and I'm determined that I'll be the one kicking ass this time. Though I'm at the point where I stare at it and have absolutely no idea if it's working or not. Time (and beta) will tell.

My goal is to finish the draft this weekend, but I always underestimate how long it will take me. I spend all my spare time writing until my brain is fuzzy, then doing sudoku until it's clear again, then back to writing. Which doesn't mean I'm getting a lot done -- my actual rate of output is very small. Probably 1000-2000 words to go, but that could take three more days.

Stupid hobby.

In other news, please go read: "Are You There, Karupin? It's Me, Kaidoh" by garlandgraves. All the Seigaku boys. Growing up is… uh, hard. The characterization is exquisitely done.

And some music:

You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty -- The Charlatans

Jogi -- Panjabi MC

Darth Maul He's My Friend and All -- Mickey Machs and the Office Rox!
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