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You can call me Hal.

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Media roundup
taka hetero
Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw: I had really low expectations for this ep, so ended up pleasantly surprised. Overall, I enjoyed, but the childish giggling of Rose and the Doctor kind of set me on edge. Of note: "There is something of the wolf about you." Oooh, Bad Wolf!

FMA OVA -- Alchemists vs Homunculi [subbed - torrent]: Two down, one to go, and the third hardly needs subbing anyhow. Fun fun! Did I mention Hawkeye kicks ass?

Prince of Tennis Nationals OVA 1 [subbed - torrent]: So, the eagerly awaited explanation of just what happened at the US Open and why Ryoma came back to Japan is ... just not there. Completely unaddressed. But I can forgive a lot for Oishi's blush at Tezuka's fashionably late entrance. Also that scene where it looks like all of Higa is ogling Kaidoh's ass. Which I didn't really need the sub for. Hmm. Anyhow, nice to get the details. The sub seemed a tiny bit rough in places, but overall good.

One thing I noticed was someone at the draw saying Rikkai was only in Nationals because all the teams who were there last year got in. I don't remember that from the manga. Is that so? I had just assumed that the two top teams from Kantou would be in, regardless.

Ultraman Möbius 1: Most bombastic theme music EVER. Also, Möbius had very poor extension on his cartwheels. So far: meh.

Ouran High School Host Club 3: Such love, such love. The whole sentai moment was sporfle inducing.

Trailer Park Boys S6: Cheeseburger Picnic: Oh my god, this thing with Randy and Ted is certainly heating up. If Ted can get him to wear the shirt, well. But Randy is sure on a power trip. If he gets much meaner, he'll be fired as my boyfriend. And poor Trevor, crying because he's never been separated from Cory before. Also, I'm sure we were this >< close to seeing Lucy and Sara making out. Damn. I'm still waiting for the Julian story to get going. I'm sure that will be entertaining.

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One thing I noticed was someone at the draw saying Rikkai was only in Nationals because all the teams who were there last year got in.
I boggled at that too. That is total bollocks, and I'm inclined to think it was the subbers not being careful (which seemed to happen quite often, actually). The top four from Kantou get in automatically, otherwise Rokkaku and Fudoumine wouldn't be there at all. Hyoutei, of course, gets in on a wild card since the tournament's in Tokyo this year.

There were quite a lot of sloppy translations in this, actually, from what I could tell. Screwups of unfamiliar names are forgivable, but I think they missed out a lot of the nuance of things. I have a feeling, for instance, that Oishi and Echizen's conversation on the train was a lot more of a challenge on Oishi's part than the sub implies; Echizen's affronted pout didn't seem justified by what Oishi supposedly said. Also, they didn't make it clear that Echizen had to win 6-0 to play on the team, and therefore Oishi's remark about "if I win this point, you'll lose one game" seemed totally WTF and rather pathetic.

I guess we'll see when we get another sub. Saizen and another group were going to team up on it as well.

I still can't get used to the Oishi-Ryoma game at all. They certainly had their work cut out for them, trying to rip open the anime canon and stitch Nationals onto the previous ending.

I wonder what Tezuka said to Oishi to explain why he was late to the draw and out of school uniform. Maybe he was helping an old woman across the street when he fell down a manhole and got his clothes all wet.

I could not stand that buchou was translated into 'president'. I just couldn't.

I mean, I'm still thankful that someone's taking the time to sub it and everything that comes with it, but weihgldjflkds. THE BUCHOU.

There was a lot of stuff that wasn't really explained correctly but somehow, for me, the part that I cared about most was Eiji during the last 5min or so. He's just so sososo lost and hurt and wiesdlkhglsdkjf. I WANT TO HUG HIM FOREVER.

Yeah, president was an odd choice, given that this is a sports club. I actually find it odd that the series uses "buchou" instead of "captain". In all the other sports series I follow, they use "captain" and "fukucaptain".

Granted, those are mainly team sports and in Whistle!, the soccer captain is "captain" but his buddy in the track club is the "fukubuchou". But in Ace wo Nerae, which is high school tennis, they use "captain".

Probably you didn't want to know all of that. :)

Oh, Eiji! Yes, I felt so badly for him. I was surprised he didn't flip out more. :(

I actually find it odd that the series uses "buchou" instead of "captain".
It is because 'buchou' sounds better when moaned during sex than 'captain'.

I was surprised he didn't flip out more.
The only thing that made me not flip out more is that I know what happens because I've read the manga. But dkshgenieogjl, poor poor Eiji! He's one of my favorite characters, and he's so adorably happy all the time that when he's sad, I don't know how to react and I end up flailing. :P

It is because 'buchou' sounds better when moaned during sex than 'captain'.

That actually makes good sense. :)

Doesn't it???? I mean, if you moan out 'captain', it's just awkward. Sea captain? Sports captain? CAP'N CRUNCH??? THE POSSIBILITIES.

But moaning 'Buchoooooouuuuuu'. No arguments about that. ;)

I felt the same way re the Doctor and Rose - in fact their behaviour spoiled the whole episode for me. I hope someone smacks the pair of them down soon! This was the first episode I've really disliked. Sigh.

I was reminded of Homer Simpson raising his fist to the sky and saying, "And I will never get my comeuppance!"

I imagine they will get theirs eventually. And in the meantime, next week looks wonderful.

Thank you so much for this! FMA and PoT OVAs subbed, YES!

And Hawkeye ALWAYS kicks ass, IMHO! *__*

Thank you! ♥♥♥

Did you get the sub of the FMA chibi episode as well? That dropped last week. And SO damn funny.

Actually, no I didn't. I just checked your LJ and it's there.

I hate LJ sometimes, these friend filters suck. I filter out my communities (which I have loads) and it ends up eating half of people's LJ entries as well. :(

Thank you for the torrent, I'm all over it like Momo over burgers. ♥

One thing I noticed was someone at the draw saying Rikkai was only in Nationals because all the teams who were there last year got in.

Haven't seen the sub, but in the manga, the 4 best Kantô teams (Seishun, Rikkai, Fudômine, Yamabuki) are selected to go to nationals, and when they do the lottery thingie which I don't know the name in English, it's at Rikkai, because Rikkai is last year's winner.
At least that's what I remember.
And that must be what they meant ^^;

Right, that makes much more sense. It must have been a strange sub job.

::avoids looking at spoilers:: Thank you for the torrent of the PoT OVA!

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