Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Media roundup

Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw: I had really low expectations for this ep, so ended up pleasantly surprised. Overall, I enjoyed, but the childish giggling of Rose and the Doctor kind of set me on edge. Of note: "There is something of the wolf about you." Oooh, Bad Wolf!

FMA OVA -- Alchemists vs Homunculi [subbed - torrent]: Two down, one to go, and the third hardly needs subbing anyhow. Fun fun! Did I mention Hawkeye kicks ass?

Prince of Tennis Nationals OVA 1 [subbed - torrent]: So, the eagerly awaited explanation of just what happened at the US Open and why Ryoma came back to Japan is ... just not there. Completely unaddressed. But I can forgive a lot for Oishi's blush at Tezuka's fashionably late entrance. Also that scene where it looks like all of Higa is ogling Kaidoh's ass. Which I didn't really need the sub for. Hmm. Anyhow, nice to get the details. The sub seemed a tiny bit rough in places, but overall good.

One thing I noticed was someone at the draw saying Rikkai was only in Nationals because all the teams who were there last year got in. I don't remember that from the manga. Is that so? I had just assumed that the two top teams from Kantou would be in, regardless.

Ultraman Möbius 1: Most bombastic theme music EVER. Also, Möbius had very poor extension on his cartwheels. So far: meh.

Ouran High School Host Club 3: Such love, such love. The whole sentai moment was sporfle inducing.

Trailer Park Boys S6: Cheeseburger Picnic: Oh my god, this thing with Randy and Ted is certainly heating up. If Ted can get him to wear the shirt, well. But Randy is sure on a power trip. If he gets much meaner, he'll be fired as my boyfriend. And poor Trevor, crying because he's never been separated from Cory before. Also, I'm sure we were this >< close to seeing Lucy and Sara making out. Damn. I'm still waiting for the Julian story to get going. I'm sure that will be entertaining.
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