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You can call me Hal.

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Tabula rasa.
poor impulse control
This is the best I've got for Buffy icons any more. I watched Tabula Rasa tonight. It's the BtVS S6 episode where Willow's spell causes them to all lose their memories.

I love this ep and mostly because of the Giles/Anya interaction. I'd been shipping them for a year before it aired and when I saw them, kiss, I almost fell off the couch. I still feel that way whenever I watch it.

As the episode progresses, they all begin to fall into their usual patterns and relationships, based on what they feel, not what they know. Spike and Buffy fight vampires together, Buffy and Dawn realise they are sisters. Willow and Xander figure they are dating but soon Willow realises she prefers Tara.

And all through this, Giles and Anya are together, bickering with a heat Anya and Xander never, ever have, fighting, breaking their "engagement", and making up with a big dramatic kiss that lasts until the moment the spell is broken.

They were so meant to be.

Everything ends on a sad, sad note, Giles flying away, Tara packing and leaving, Buffy and Spike kissing at the Bronze -- and yes, it's not a happy kiss -- but nothing can spoil my golden glow.

A question that has plagued me for years: Amnesiac!Giles says of Spike, "You do inspire a particular feeling of familiarity and disappointment." Why disappointment?

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Oh, your icon! See, I've wondered if that scene, even though it was in Xander's dream, ties in with Giles and Spike here in TR. The suit is much the same.

And I ship Giles/Anya so hard, especially in that episode -- they totally should have gone that route in the finale, rather than the horrible end they did give Anya.

Oh, yes, exactly! It felt like a cheap death to me, like they started at the top and said, okay, who's the most important character we can kill off randomly? Buffy? No. Willow? No. Xander? Giles? Dawn? No. Okay, Anya it is!

And Giles/Anya is hot like liquid hot magma.

Actually, I think Anya's death was payback for "Selfless". Inhuman monsters Anya and Spike both get killed and thereby redeemed (at least on Buffy -- not going into Spike on AtS here) for their evil acts.

The humans are the only ones left standing at the end, no matter what evils they may have committed.

Anya's reversion to demon status and subsequent evil acts conveniently erase the previous three years of humanity and decent behavior, just as Spike's soul can't save him from the flames.

Or something. That's my theory, anyway. I think the conversation Anya and Andrew have while picking up medical supplies, in an ep near the end of S7, is fairly illuminating on this point.

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