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You can call me Hal.

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On Horio Satoshi.
oh horio
I was thinking the other day that if I were to list my favourite Prince of Tennis characters in order, it would go like this:

1. Kaidoh
2. Inui
3. Kaidoh
4. Kaidoh
5. Inui
6. Horio

And I realised that I just don't do enough to support Horio, even though I love him so dearly. It's still Poetry Month, right?

Oh ichinensei Horio,
It's you that I adorio.

With two years of experience,
No one can top your tennis sense.

Your sk1llz are l33t, your bearing proud,
Your countenance is bushy-browed.

The stagg'ring genius of your brain
Makes any problem right as rain.

Oh ichinensei Horio,
It's you that I adorio.

Your voice is a stentorian roar
That generates esprit de corps.

With orange stripes and dashing ways
You'll lead the club to brighter days.

This poem is a billet doux
To you, the best in Seigaku.

Oh ichinensei Horio,
It's you we all adorio.


Oh Prillalar bravio! ^_^;

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Arai and Horio are so cute! Neither of them get enough credit, in my opinion.

You are all kinds of wonderful. Just, the bathos! The metre and rhyme! and ADORIO. a;sldkgja;lsdkgj;asldk


I could have gone on and on -- Horio's charms are infinite. :) I don't think I could explain why he doesn't annoy me, but he just doesn't and I love him forever and ever.

(And if you haven't already read it, you might enjoy The Forever Love of Oishi and Eiji: A Tragedy in Three Acts.)

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Is my love a scary love?

It's me, Vicky the Stalker again.
The piece of poetry is very good. But you know, I still haven't figured my feelings regarding Horio.
Yes, he is funny but after watching 30 episodes in a row I just wanted to travel to Japan, find the seiyuu and kick him in the face really hard.

I think my own feelings about Horio aren't the usual ones. :) I just love him so much!

It's Momo's seiyuu that I want to kick most often, though more for his work on Slam Dunk than PoT. (And he was awesome in Hajime no Ippo.)

You should definitely write more poems X3

Hee! Perhaps in time. I used to filk a bit back in the X-Files days.

Of course Kaidoh and Inui are special enough to gain 2+ spots on your fave character list. X3 Horio is very much tolerated for Yuusuke's sake loved. >.> Yes. ^_^ *squees for Arai and his Buchou Imitation of Doom though* XD If I can only list my favorite Tenipuri minor characters in order... *would have a hard time me thinks*

Gawd, I need an Arai icon! *flails*

And I would feel that way about Kaidoh and Inui even if I didn't ship them. It's just extra lucky for me that my favourite characters are also my favourite pairing.

*squees for Arai and his Buchou Imitation of Doom though*

Oh, me too! I love Arai so much. When I thought there was a .001% chance that he was going to play in the Rikkai match, I just about hyperventilated.

I'm going to be laughing over this for the rest of the day. Cheers!

While of course I also adorio Horio, I think it's the 'Your countenance is bushy-browed' that's going to be sticking with me for awhile.

Also, your icon is so cute. :D

It's hard to overstate the gravitas that bushy eyebrows give to a character. Gandalf's stuck out a mile!

He would bristle proudly at this poem, I'm sure of it. ;)

I hope so! Maybe he would autograph it for me. :)

See, whenever I think about Horio now - I think about marksykins' induction fic and how Tezuka hopes Horio never makes regulars.

And then I have the mental image of Horio bent over a bench. Unibrow and all.

Also, have you noticed how Inui always manages to be standing directly behind Horio?

I kind of hope Horio does make it, for the exact same reason. He might surprise them all.

Also, have you noticed how Inui always manages to be standing directly behind Horio?

He must know something we don't know.

*dies of laughter*

I think it was the adorio that did it for me. Oh, Horio! :D

I just want him to get the respect he deserves, that's all. :)

I'm not sure which is better--the brilliant poem or that I first saw Horio in your icon as wearing a cravat under the Seigaku jacket. Either way, I think there should be an Austen-esque AU with Horio as a wealthy lord batting off all the mothers in his social circle who have too many daughters.

He does look like he's wearing a cravat! Appropriate for poetry, I guess. ;)

Icon love. XD

We should have a neglected characters appreciation month, for all the poor ichinensei and ninensei who don't even get to be the B plot very often. Especially Horio. And Tomoka. And Arai. And possibly Dan, because he is the cutest thing in the world and needs more fic time where he isn't being molested by Akutsu (who has Taka anyway).

I have two WIPs with Horio sub-plots; I just have to finish them up. And Arai always needs more love. And tournament experience.

You should write poetry more often. :D I'm going to start singing "Oh ichinensei Horio/it's you that I adorio" for the rest of the day. (Not to mention, "adorio" is a a fun word to say.)

It all began when I was trying to think of a word that rhymes with Horio. :)

And if you think up a good tune, let me know!

I didn't catch the "adorio" till the second repetition!  I don't know why, though, since obviously "adore" does not rhyme with "Horio", although it does rhyme with—um, anyway. :D;

Horio is just so wonderful I had to make up a special word to express it. *g*