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Rec, boytouching, terminology.

Firestarter (1/4) by storyteller. More tenipuri schools AU -- Ryoma at Yamabuki. Da-da-da-dan! Go, read, comment, love.

And, hey, there are lots of schools left. Just saying.

In other news, ep 2 of Gakuen Heaven is out and the insanely gratuitous boytouching has begun. It's all a bit eye-roll-inspiring, but I think I'll have to watch the elbow-licking scene again. And again. Guh. Tall, dark, intense, bespectacled -- even if he weren't voiced by Morikawa, Nakajima would so be my boyfriend.

And the Bell Liberty tennis club captain? Is "captain". Let's compare series with tennis clubs:

Ace wo Nerae: captain
Gakuen Heaven: captain
Prince of Tennis: buchou <-- Why? Why not use captain, since it's a sports club?

For some reason, I have a real bee in my bonnet about this one. You don't need to tell me I'm a freak to think about it so much; I already know that.

ETA: Genius 307. Huh.
Tags: gakuen heaven, tenipuri
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