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You can call me Hal.

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Rec, boytouching, terminology.
Firestarter (1/4) by storyteller. More tenipuri schools AU -- Ryoma at Yamabuki. Da-da-da-dan! Go, read, comment, love.

And, hey, there are lots of schools left. Just saying.

In other news, ep 2 of Gakuen Heaven is out and the insanely gratuitous boytouching has begun. It's all a bit eye-roll-inspiring, but I think I'll have to watch the elbow-licking scene again. And again. Guh. Tall, dark, intense, bespectacled -- even if he weren't voiced by Morikawa, Nakajima would so be my boyfriend.

And the Bell Liberty tennis club captain? Is "captain". Let's compare series with tennis clubs:

Ace wo Nerae: captain
Gakuen Heaven: captain
Prince of Tennis: buchou <-- Why? Why not use captain, since it's a sports club?

For some reason, I have a real bee in my bonnet about this one. You don't need to tell me I'm a freak to think about it so much; I already know that.

ETA: Genius 307. Huh.

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Genius 307... Ouch. Seeing Kamio and Ishida scarred at the age of 13 leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Though them reaching the state of self-actualization makes me happy at the same time. But I have a feeling it's not going to help Fudomine much. :(

But Kuranosuke... WTH was that all about?

It's a bit boggling, as the whole story has been recently. Maybe Inui knows a magic plant that will heal their skin. But at least we're seeing some Fudomine at last.

Kuranosuke threatens Kintarou with the Poison Hand if he doesn't behave. If it touches you, you'll die. For some reason, Kintarou believes it so they use it to keep him under control.

Or so I was told. :)

You're right... More Fudomine makes me a happy girl. ^_^ Like I said, I can't wait for the Chitoze/Tachibana match. That will be intense... If we'll get to see it at all. :(

Poison Hand? That just makes me giggle like there's no tomorrow. Especially because Kintarou is so simple they can sucker him into anything. Like believing Ryoma has three eyes. :)

Re 307 & gratuitous boytouching:

Plz to tell me why Oshitari Kenya is grabbing his crotch.

There are some things I hope never to know.

but what's interesting was that then the art guy DID call himself 'buchou' of the art club. I mean, i know, not sports, but in light of the other confusion, it startled a giggle out of me.

The answer clearly is because Tezuka pwns.

Also, elbow licking. keita's little "...thank you" killed me. And Endou stealing the bike! eeeeeeee.

So if Tezuka is also the president of the student council, how come nobody ever calls him [title that I can't remember right now]? There should be fic about that.

well, everybody we always see only knows him through tennis, so that's not surprising. I mean, if the show was called Prince of Student Council...

...and his adorable court assisstant Oishi-sama...

Damn, if I weren't at work, I could watch the elbow-licking scene again to find out the proper title, since Nakajima is student council fuku-whatever.

Based on some CLAMP fanfiction I just googled, I think it's kaichou.

So, I'm picturing Tezuka living this double life -- on the tennis courts, bringing up Ryoma, in the student council room, mentoring a shy first-year class rep.

One day they find out about each other and Tezuka is caught in the middle, Ryoma calling out, "Buchou!" and theother cute first-year calling, "Kaichou!"

How can he choose? HOW?

Hal, are you aware that I love you more than bees love the sun-kissed multi-stamened flowers?

YOU MUST WRITE THIS. (in the background, Oishi wibbles beautifully)

You seduce me with your metaphors!

If I could find enough info on the school government system, it might work. Most of my knowledge is from BL manga. Which I suppose might be appropriate. *g*

God, this should be crack, but the more I think about it, the more serious it becomes in my head. I think it's Oishi's fault. He's just looking at Tezuka with those pretty green eyes and I get all sniffly and DON! there's angst.

They probably do. It's just that if they're in the tennis club (or closely associated with it, like Sakuno), he's more their buchou than their...is it kachou? I can't remember. Anyway, if we ever met any other members of the student body, or especially the other student reps (besides Oishi), they'd probably use the "student president" title.

Kachou? Kaichou? Something like that.

Sakuno once called him Tezuka-senpai in the anime. That's all I've got. :) But the student council thing is just from the fanbooks, IIRC, so it's not surprising that it's never really figured into the plot.

And who filled in for Tezuka there, when he was away?

Yeah, I wasn't sure if it had an "i" or not.

Senpai's sort of the generic term, and she uses it in the hospital, but I think she's referred to him as Tezuka-buchou before. In fact, she definitely has: during his and Ryouma's warm-up, Sakuno comes stalking looking for Ryouma, and when she finds them, she says "Ryouma-kun and Tezuka-buchou are having a match?!" And possibly other times too that I am not remembering.

And I guess whoever the vice-president of the student council is filled in for him. I doubt it's Oishi; the tennis club was enough for him to deal with. OC, anyone?

Have watched the second ep of Gakuen Heaven. It's definitely kaichou.

Also, apparently Keita's hidden talent is to make everyone fall in love with him. And somehow I cannot help but feel that Tezuka would totally kick Naruse's ass. I mean, he worries if someone got hurt by a ball when all it did was hit the fence. Um, what?

The twins puzzle me. WTF did they do that for? How on earth could Keita threaten them? And why are they apparently immune to his love-me-now vibes?

Finally, it amuses me that the guy Okiayu voices is apparently an archer, given that the new PoT bromides have Tezuka doing archery.

The appeal of Keita was always a mystery to me in the manga as well. But he's just there so we can pretend we're him, so that's fine by me. (Elbow licking.)

Re the twins, I actually can't remember enough of the manga to spoil you about that even if I could, but clearly there is a huge web of intrigue among the whole student body. I imagine it will all become at least somewhat clear as we go along.

I can't wait to see the archery, either in the bromides or in GK.

One of these days I'm going to put up a gallery of Kaidoh doing all the sports that the other characters Kiyasu Kohei voices play: soccer goaltending like Fuwa, boxing like Ippo, basketball -- well, more not playing basketball -- like Aikawa. I just need Kiyasu to star in series about swimming and badminton now.

And back to the bromides: Kaidoh -> calligraphy, Hal -> biting her fist.

Raw and 100% organic. :)

(Deleted comment)
I've only been able to watch the elbow-licking twice so far, but I'm sure there will be more viewings this weekend. Just. God. All the *noises* they were both making! The tension was incredible. Nakajima, you own me entirely.

The King is cool, no doubt about it!

I'm embarassed to say it about such a blatantly gratuitous show, but I can't wait for more.

I have always thought about the buchou/captain thing, specially when scanlating. It seems so wrong to write "Buchou" as "captain". I thing maybe one of the reasons, in the case of Tezuka, is because he is more the King of the club that the one who leads them in battle, unlike other series. His word is law, and his presence is soothing, but they don't go to him for counsel, nor is he the one who determines victory or defeat, or whose dreams everybody shares.

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