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I posted earlier (if cryptically) about the work stress I'm experiencing right now. It's just getting worse and I've come to the realization that I have to start implementing an escape plan ASAP.

God, I hate this. I hate the thought of spending my weekend working on my résumé and my website and my contacts. (Especially when I want to spend it writing fic and reading books.) I hate that the Best Job Ever is now something I have to flee, not because the job itself sucks, but because the company is going under.

And I hate that things are going to change. I don't like change.

I'm in the position right now where I could either find a new job -- and I think I should be able to, at least I hope so -- or try to make a go of it with contract work. I'm a web developer/programmer and so it's the kind of thing that's easy to do from home, if you can get the work in.

I don't have kids or a mortgage and I've already paid off my student loans. I have a long-term partner who is employed. We're not going to starve or even have to cut off our cable internet. It's not the end of the world.

But that doesn't mean I don't hate it.

I need a pint of stout and a sappy InuKai.
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