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You can call me Hal.

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Impossible things before breakfast
kaidoh kalos
Why is it that pictures will so easily convince me of something that words never can?

leviosa8 scanlated and posted a Ryoma x Kaidoh doujinshi that is so beautiful and hot that I'm completely sold on what used to be my most hated pairing. Sold meaning not that I just bought it for the duration of the dj, but that I'm thinking about them now, working out how they might get together and how they would be with each other.

Dammit. Though I suppose it's fitting, since it was doujinshi that got me into InuTez and RyoKai is kind of the corollary pairing.

In any case, go see:

Please Sey (probably meant to be "Please Stay")
Yoko Fujitani with Will, scanlated by leviosa8
Ryoma x Kaidoh, NC-17 - not remotely worksafe
Part 1 | Part 2

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Thank you so much for the link!

My pleasure, definitely.

omg switching!

Good lord. Thank you for that.

I think if Ryoma and Kaidoh got together, Momo would have an apoplexy. Which would be fun to watch.

Yep, that was very fun and apoplectic to watch! Loved the last line. Thanks for pointing me over there.

Who's Inui smooching in your icon?

That is dear Tezuka being sexed up by Inui. :)

Ah, I think I was confused by the fact that Tezuka is SMILING in that pic. O_o

Mmm. One of my guilty pleasure pairings. Thanks!

One of mine too now, it seems. :)

I adore anything with decent Ryoma and Kaidoh interaction. I think it might be a product of my excessive Kaidoh love and desire to see him in any story. Someday, someone will write a story where everyone is after Kaidoh because he is so damn hot. I will be a happy, happy person that hypothetical day.

Thanks for pimping even though I have trouble seeing Ryoma as a sexual being.

Someday, someone will write a story where everyone is after Kaidoh because he is so damn hot.

I think it will involve the bowling episode.

That, or billiards. Any time Kaidoh is not dressed in a school or sports uniform, he gets all decked out like a rent boy.


Who buys him these clothes?

Wow. Thanks EVER so much for the link! *g*

Wasn't it hot? And so sweet too! Not to mention: switching. I live for switching.

Switching Is Love. Seriously.


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