Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Making love out of nothing at all

There comes a point in writing a story, at least one that takes more than a couple sittings, when I'm in love with my characters. Especially my POV character.

If I'm at work and can't write, I find myself saying things like, "It's okay, baby, I'll take care of you" or "Everything will be all right." I worry about the bad things that happen to them, even though those bad things are all my doing. I call them "sweetie" and "honey". I look cross-eyed at my SO, because, hey, who are you?

This doesn't really last past the end of the story, though. Okay, maybe it does, but not to the same degree. It is a good way to get to like a character I'm not too fond of, though. I even like Mulder while I'm writing him.

Maybe it would be better to be more detached, but I don't think I can. Anyway, it's a cheap thrill. *g*

Um, does anyone else do this? Or am I just an obsessive freak?

Confidential to M.: I love you, baby. I'm sorry I wrote this when I should be writing about you.

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