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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Drabbles: Inui/Fuji, Fuji/Kaidoh
kaidoh not
These aren't true 100 word drabbles, in case you want to argue about that. :) Today is Fuji day. I hope to get through all of these within a week.

For bookshop, Fuji/Kaidoh, revenge.


Kaidoh slid open the door to the sleeping area. Stupid Momoshiro, telling everyone that Kaidoh was afraid of ghosts. Having to be around that asshole night and day was spoiling the whole training camp.

He dumped out the bag of rocks and twigs and started arranging them under Momoshiro's futon.

"If you pull the futon tight, it will be less obvious."

Kaidoh jumped and turned around, his heart racing. "Uh...Fuji-senpai...I was just..."

"You should put some in the pillow too." Fuji leaned over the futon, like he was inspecting Kaidoh's work.

"Senpai, are you going to tell any--"

"There's someone coming." Fuji grabbed Kaidoh by the shoulders, leaned up against him, and kissed him. Kissed him, on the mouth, in the mouth, his whole body pressed to Kaidoh's and his hands trailing down Kaidoh's back to cup his ass.

"It's Mamushi and Fuji-senpai!" Momoshiro yelled and flailed his arms. Kikumaru shrieked incoherently. And they both ran off.

Fuji let go. "There," he said. "I don't think they suspected anything."

Kaidoh staggered back, rubbing his mouth on the back of his hand and tingling all over in a very strange way.

"Dinner is in twenty minutes." Fuji waved.

Kaidoh hissed. Fuji had kissed him: that was bad. Momoshiro and Kikumaru had seen him: that was worse. Kaidoh touched his mouth again. But worst of all, he had liked it. What was he going to do?

"By the way," Fuji said, over his shoulder. "Next time you beat Yuuta at street tennis, let me know so I can come watch." He smiled and shut the door behind him.

Kaidoh threw himself down on the futon.

There were rocks in it.

For svz_insanity, Inui/Fuji, cooking.

Too Many Cooks

Inui put down the bowl. "Mitsuba."

"That's one." Fuji pushed another dish toward Inui.

Inui concentrated on the noodles. "Sansho," he said. "Very tasty."

"Two." Fuji's eyes narrowed. "But you won't get this one."

A Western dish, with cream sauce and-- "Chervil. Three." Inui smiled. "According to our agreement, you must--"

"There's no way you could tell that." Fuji's glance flicked around the room, stopping above the stove. He yanked out the camera and tossed it on the table. "Inui."

"The rules don't state I have to find out through tasting."

"Next time, I'll write the rules."

In the bedroom, Fuji tied Inui's hands to the bedframe, according to their agreement, but not before he'd ripped out the camera in the desk lamp.

"It was worth a try." Inui shivered as Fuji picked up the riding crop. The real camera was above the bed.

Inui retrieved the tape while Fuji was in the shower. Back at home, he settled down to watch it. His wrists still burned. Best session yet. He couldn't wait to see it.

"Hello and welcome to Play Like a Pro with Horio Satoshi. Today's lesson: improving your serve!"

Inui took his hand out of his pants.

Oh Fuji, I love you more than anything right now! Kissing and groping Kaidoh! Outsmarting Inui!

Beautiful! ♥♥♥

It is, it is a glorious thing to be a pirate king Fuji!

There were rocks in it.
:D! So, was that public kiss Fuji's revenge for beating Yuuta? And is Kaidoh going to get on his bad side more often in the future?

...there's no revenge like revenge with Horio, though. Is Fuji worried that Inui will be able to analyse his technique if he can observe the data at his leisure?

These drabbles are great fun. :D

Thanks! I wonder if Fuji filmed those Horio videos himself, for just such an occasion.


So much yes. Ever so much. Yes. Mmhmm. Yesyesyes.

Fuji likes to hear you say that. :)


So much love. ♥

Fuji moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform. :)

omghahaha, fuji = so much love♥♥

He's fun, all right. :)

alksjdfalksjdfalksjdf *ADORES*

why are they so much fun? Why?! they're so creepy and sexy. Mmmm. Fuji's "Next Time" gives me the chills, haha.

Poor Kaidoh -- innocently giving his all at street tennis, little knowing what the consequences would be. Inui, on the other hand, knows just what he's got himself into. And likes it.

I especially like the Kaidoh/Fuji- the last line killed me dead!

I kept thinking of Charlie Brown: I got a rock. *g*

Sooooo much love for both of these.

Ah, what a nice way to start off my day. Revenge and bondage fic!

Ha, I bet Horio wouldn't be too happy to know what his video is being used for.

I wonder where Horio hocks these videos. Maybe he works the crowd at Seigaku's games. He'll have a little booth set up by the court. *g*


These are so great! I cannot stop laughing. I think I would have woken people up with my laughter had it been nighttime. XD

I cannot wait to read more!! YAY FOR FUJIDAY!!!

Hee! Fuji certainly had his fun. :) I'm glad you liked these!

You win at last lines.

*roars with laugher*
Pure genius. XD

Oh god, FUJI. In both of them. I want more of both, but especially the second one. Played, Inui.

And Horio's set of videos! I'd buy those.

I'm sure Inui is ramping up for the next round. He won't lose! The challenge probably gets him off more than the bondage does.

I really want to see Horio's videos now. I would write him fan letters.

You are brilliant and evil.

But not as brilliant and evil as Fuji!